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Seventies Music Trivia

Questions about the decade of glam rock. 12 Questions.

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David Bowie went through many identities in the 70's, when he was Ziggy Stardust what was the name of his backing group?

  • The Martian Invaders
  • The Spiders From Mars
  • Space Odyssey


And which song did David Bowie give to Mott the Hoople when they were about to break up, thereby giving them thier first hit ?

  • All the Young Dudes
  • John I'm only dancing
  • Suffergette City


Slade were one of the biggest glam rock bands of the decade. What was their first number one? (And the spelling in theirs not mine!)

  • Take me bak 'ome
  • Coz I luv you
  • Merry xmas Everybody


Slade's major rival in the quest for chart domination was T Rex. Which of these was not a T Rex song?

  • Children of the Revolution
  • Jeepster
  • Ballroom Blitz


One of the few gals on the glam rock scene was Suzi Quatro. Can you name Suzi's first hit?

  • 48 Crash
  • Devil Gate Drive
  • Can the Can


Can you name the singing Mormon brothers who set girls hearts fluttering back in the seventies?

  • The Osbournes
  • The Osmonds
  • The Ovaltinies


The Jackson Five had nine hits in the seventies, everyone knows Michael, but can you name his four brothers?

  • Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie and Tito
  • Jermaine, Malcolm, David and Stephen
  • John, Paul, George and Ringo


Abba first entered the charts with their Eurovison winning song in 1974, can you name it?

  • Mamma Mia
  • Dancing Queen
  • Waterloo


Slade were probably the loudest band of the decade, can you name their ear splitting vocalist who was famous for wearing a mirrored top hat?

  • Marc Bolan
  • Roy Wood
  • Noddy Holder


Ozzy Osbourne got to number 4 in the charts in 1970 with Paranoid, as the lead singer of which band?

  • Deep Purple
  • Black Sabbath
  • Led Zepplin


In the seventies Rod Stewart was lead singer of the Faces, as well as enjoying a sucessful solo career. What was Rod's number one hit in 1971?

  • Sailing
  • Do ya think I'm Sexy
  • Maggie May


One of the glammest of the glam rock bands had hits with Blockbuster, Ballroom Blitz, Wig Wam Ban and Teenage Rampage, among others, can you name them?

  • T Rex
  • Slade
  • Sweet