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Flowers for You!

"Flowers are magical things! The stunning hues, the intoxicating scents, the ethereal aura- pure bliss.Best of luck!" 8 Questions.

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Flowers are colourful for one basic reason- attracting insects for pollination. There are many methods of pollination. What is pollination by wind called?

  • Anemophily
  • Ornithophily
  • Entomophily


Flowers are generally known for their sweet fragrance. But here's an exception: This flower smells of decomposing flesh, and is thus, quite understandably, the smelliest flower. Which is it?

  • Dog Rose
  • Beer's breech
  • Titan Arum


William Wordsworth, a Romantic Poet, derived inspiration from the beauty of flowers. One of his poems, I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, deals with which of the following flowers?

  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Daffodil


Who is the Greek Goddess of flowers, nature and spring?

  • Chloris
  • Hera
  • Athena


Which flower appears in the comic book adventure Asterix in Switzerland, where the protagonists try to procure it for use in an antidote?

  • Tulip
  • Edelweiss
  • Blood Orchid


Orchids are beautiful, exotic flowers mostly found in the tropics. They are available in almost all colors except one. Which color are they not found in?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green


Which of the following flowers is popularly known as the Christmas Flower, and was used by the Aztecs as a purgative to rid the body of melancholy?

  • Holly
  • Poinsettia
  • Christmas Orchid


And finally, to end our eventful journey through the glades of Flowerland, which is my favorite flower? It is an anagram of the name of a Greek God. Ring any bells?

  • Tulip
  • Lotus
  • Rose