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How much did Sam Cooke really know?

I ask this because he doesn't seem to know much if you take his classic song "What a Wonderful World". Or was he just acting dumb? Let's ask him..... 12 Questions.

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"Sam.............When was the US Civil War fought? What was the main thrust of the Gettysburg Address?"

  • Don't know much about geology
  • Don't know much about history
  • Don't know much about quantum mechanics


Sam....tell me all you know about the reproductive system of the tulip?

  • Don't know much bio-chemistry
  • Don't know much biology
  • Don't know much


"Now, has anyone got my "teach science" book, the one with the answers in the back?"

  • Don't know much about a science book
  • Don't really know much about science generally
  • Don't know how to spell "science"?


Sam.........can you remember the modern foreign language that you took?

  • Don't know much about the Dutch I took?
  • Don't know much about the Welsh I took?
  • Don't know much about the French I took?


Sam.....can i ask you? What DO you know?

  • But I do know my 7x table
  • But I do know that I love you
  • But I do know my gloves are new


And if I was to say I love you too, then what?

  • I'd open a savings account with Northern Rock
  • Why, I'd be chuffed to bits
  • What a wonderful world this would be


"Sam,........what is the capital of Belgium?"

  • Don't know much about chemistry
  • Don't know much about geography
  • Don't know much about Belgium


"OK Sam, draw me a scalene triangle"

  • Don't know what your talking about.
  • Don't know much cartography
  • Don't know much trigonometry


"Err, Sam........3X + 2 = ?

  • Don't know much about numbers, Miss
  • Don't know much about algerbra, don't know what a slide rule is for
  • Is it Brussels, Miss?


Try this simpler one.....1 add 1

  • 11 , Miss
  • Is it less than 5, Miss
  • But i do know 1 add 1 is 2, and if this 1 could be with you


What type of world will we have then, Sam?

  • What a wonderful world it would be
  • What a confused world it would be
  • What a world full of love it would be


In 2004, where did Sam Cooke's song "What a Wonderful World" come in Rolling Stone magazines top 500 songs ever?

  • 12th
  • 26th
  • 373rd