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Successful Scots

Identify these Scots who have made it to the top in their chosen spheres. One or two slightly difficult, perhaps? 12 Questions.

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This former milkman from Edinburgh has been knighted and has defeated SMERSH.

  • Ian Rankin
  • Sean Connery
  • Ewan McGregor


Moved from Aberdeen to Manchester where he had a "devil" of a time before achieving his Knighthood.

  • Tommy Docherty
  • David Moyes
  • Alex Ferguson


A tad more difficult, this author was a Member of Parliament and Governor General of Canada before taking "39 Steps" to further fame.

  • John Buchan
  • Thomas Carlisle
  • David Douglas


His life is celebrated all over the world on each January 25th.

  • Robert the Bruce
  • Robert Burns
  • Robert Brown


One of Scotland's most successful football exports to England, he began his career with Celtic before moving to become an adopted "Scouser".

  • Denis Law
  • Kenny Dalglish
  • Ian StJohn


She was born in Aberdeen in 1965 and despite being deaf from birth is recognised as one of the world's foremost percussionists.

  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Elizabeth Glennie
  • Evelyn Glen


The author who wrote "Wind in the Willows" which was later dramatised by A.A.Milne as "Toad of Toad Hall."

  • William Martin
  • Kenneth Gray
  • Kenneth Grahame


A modern day KNIGHT of the road who made collecting gold a hobby in China.

  • Chris Hoye
  • Chris Hoy
  • Chris Howie


Crowned King of Scots in 1306, he defeated Edward 2nd of England at Bannockburn in 1314.

  • Rob Roy McGregor
  • Robert the Bruce
  • William Wallace


He achieved wide fame after appearing on the Michael Parkinson Show. Known for his irreverent humour and sometimes strong language.

  • Billy Connolly
  • Billy Connery
  • Billy Smart


This famous athlete refused to compete on a Sunday due to his religous beliefs. His story was told in the film "Chariots of Fire".

  • Billy Liddell
  • Eric Lithgow
  • Eric Liddell


From Kirkcaldy in |Fife, he lost an eye while playing rugby at school but went on to become the country's leader.

  • Alex Salmond
  • Gordon Brown
  • Tony Blair