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Young Guns

Questions about the movie 30 Questions.

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When was the movie released?

  • 1988
  • 1991
  • 1994


Who plays the role of William.H.Bonney (aka Billy the Kid)?

  • Charlie sheen
  • Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Emilio Estevez


What is the name of the cattle rancher who helps and takes in Billy at the beginning?

  • John Fusco
  • Dermot Mulroney
  • John Tunstall


Who plays the role of John Tunstall?

  • Terry O' Quinn
  • Dermot Mulroney
  • Terence Stamp


Where in New Mexico is Johns ranch?

  • Lincoln County
  • Sierra County
  • Otero County


At the dinner table what reason does Billy give for once killing someone?

  • He was beating on me
  • He was hacking on me
  • He was robbing me


Who carries out the murder of John Tunstall?

  • Murphys Henchmen
  • Murphy himself
  • Murphys Law


Who plays the role of Murphy?

  • Jack Palance
  • Joe Roth
  • Terence Stamp


Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of Doc, but what is his full name?

  • Elias 'Doc' Scurlock
  • Joseph 'Doc' Scurlock
  • Josiah 'Doc' Scurlock


The Chinese girl that Doc first meets on New Years eve and falls in love with is who?

  • Yen Sun
  • Sun Young
  • Sam Sung


Yen Sun was given to Murphy by her mother as payment for what?

  • a ruined shirt
  • unpaid rent
  • cash


Where does Yen Sun say she keeps the flowers that Doc gave her?

  • in a vase in my bedroom
  • in a little room inside my head
  • in a old pair of long johns


Whats the name of the Regulator that Billy shoots in the head because he believes he is one of Murphys spies?

  • "Dirty Steve" Stephens
  • Charley Bowdre
  • Jay McCloskey


When the Regulators are first deputized who's warrant do they go to serve first, which results in a shootout?

  • Henry McKinney
  • Henry Hill
  • Alex mcSween


After Doc finishes reading the newspaper about the Henry Hill shooting Charlie says "you sent a lamb into slaughter and he walked out a ............."

  • King sheep
  • Lion
  • Shepherd


After the murder of McCloskey and two more of murphys men, Dick says to Billy "You better stop believing the newspapers ,you ain't no captain an you sure ain't no............."

  • Robin Hood
  • John Wayne
  • Wyatt Earp


Following the murder of McCloskey Doc is reading the newspaper which gives a picture of Billy, but its not him who is it?

  • Dick
  • Steve
  • Doc


The newspaper then states Murphy has now hired who and the Dona Ana Bunch to hunt them down?

  • Buckshot Roberts
  • Joel Tanner
  • John Kinney


Lou Diamond Phillips plays the role Chavez, but whats his full name?

  • Jose Chavez y Chavez
  • Navajo g Chavez
  • Chavez


Chavez says "When an Indian is lost, he must reach into the spirit world to find the way. On the Spirit Road, he'll be shown a sign". What does the sign say?

  • Please enter
  • This is the way to the Underworld
  • This is the way to the Spirit Road


What is the name of the drink Chavez makes to help them see into the spirit world?

  • Peyote
  • Liquid Sword
  • Horeb Rock water


When drinking Peyote what colour has Chavez painted his face?

  • Black
  • White
  • Black & White


The next morning what imaginary animal is Steve trying to shoot?

  • a buffalo
  • a hog
  • a chicken


Who's the bountyhunter that kills Dick?

  • Buckshot George
  • Buckshot Roberts
  • Buckshot Bill


In a bar a man claims he will kill Billy when he finds him, what does Billy do before he shoots the man?

  • whistles a sad ballad
  • sings a love song
  • hums a sad ballad


Before riding back into Lincoln what does Charley do?

  • gets engaged
  • gets shot
  • gets married


What friend and lawyer of John Tunstall does Pat Garret tell Billy is going to be killed at his home?

  • Joe Roth
  • Alex Brewer
  • Alex McSween


When they go to Alex's house to save him what do Murphys men do to the house?

  • knock it down
  • set it on fire
  • dig under it


At the end it reports thats Billy was caught an shot in Fort Sumner by Pat Garret and was buried at Old Fort Sumner with who?

  • Charley Bowdre
  • "Dirty Steve" Stephens
  • Josiah 'Doc' Scurlock


Advices report that sometime later, an unidentified person snuck into the graveyard and chiseled an inscription. The epitaph read only one word '......'

  • Always
  • Regulators
  • Pals