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World War 1 Quiz

"The war to end all wars" 15 Questions.

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What act was seen as the spark that triggered off WWI?

  • The German Navy overtook Britain's as the largest
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated
  • German newspapers ridiculed the British people


The Germans had a cunning plan to win a quick, decisive war in both the West and East. What was the plan called?

  • Schleiffen Plan
  • Heidelberg Plan B
  • Die Grossecunning Plan


Who was the German monarch who led his country into war?

  • Kaiser Otto V
  • Kaiser Ludwig III
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II


The Entente/Allied forces were lined up against the German Army and which others?

  • Russia/Sweden
  • Poland/Italy/Spain
  • Austia-Hungary/Ottoman Empire / Bulgaria


What was "no man's land"?

  • A special place for the ladies to socialise
  • The area of land between the frontline trenches
  • It was supposed to be "Normans Land", where the trenches were.


Which Belgian town became a focal point for both sides in the early years of the war?

  • Ypres
  • Frezenberg
  • St Julien


At around 5pm on 22nd April 1915, the Germans released what?

  • 2000 white doves
  • A pamphlet about the importance of "personal hygiene"
  • 168 tons of chlorine gas over a 4 mile front


On 1st July 1916, the British and French armies launched what battle?

  • The Battle of Saumer
  • The Battle of St Troiden Wood
  • The Battle of the Somme


The first day of the Somme offensive went down in history as.............

  • The most succesfull assault of the War
  • The bloodiest day in the history of the British Army
  • A huge anti-climax.


How many British soldiers died or were wounded at the Somme on that fateful first day of July 1916?

  • 11000 dead and 23000 wounded
  • 19000 dead and 38000 wounded
  • 21000 dead and 25000 wounded


The Battle of Jutland - 1916 - was what?

  • the first battle involving tanks
  • the largest sea battle of the War
  • the last time cavalry was used in battle.


1917 and the Entente make a substitution. Off comes tired and revolting Russia to be replaced by whom?

  • Luxembourg
  • Upper Silesia
  • the U.S.A.


By 1918 the combined British, French and US Armies pushed the Germans back. The end was inevitable and the Armistice was signed on what significant time and date?

  • Midday on June 21st 1918
  • 11AM on the 11th day of the 11th month 1918
  • 3PM on Boxing day, 1918


What did US Army Private Henry Gunther do just before 11AM on 11th November 1918?

  • Stood up in his trench at 10.59AM and duly became the last fatality of WW1
  • Wrote his classic poem, "This damn war, what was it for"
  • Put down his rifle and picked up his football.


What figure is placed on the total fatalities of World War 1?

  • Approx 7 million
  • Approx 11 million
  • Approx 27 million