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Octavian vs Anthony and Cleopatra

How much do you know about this intense rivalry? 9 Questions.

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In Caesars will how much money did Caesar promise to every plebeian in his will that Octavian was now responsible for but Anthony has Seized Caesars assets?

  • 100 denarri
  • 75 denarri
  • 200 denarri


Who led Octavians army against Mark Anthony throughout the Civil war?

  • Lepidus
  • Scipio Africanus
  • Marcus Agrippa


How was the Battle of Actium fought?

  • Naval
  • Land battle
  • Horses


How did the battle end?

  • Anthony killed in battle
  • Anthony and Cleopatra surrender
  • Anthony & Cleopatra fled back to Alexandria well beaten


What was the fate of Anthony and Cleopatra's twins and Cleopatra's son by Caesar, Caesarion?

  • Spared Caesarion and greeted him as a borther but killed the other two
  • Spared Anthonys Twins and killed Caesarion as he's a threat to his inheritance
  • Used all 3 as his personal slaves


How did Octavian use propaganda to establish himself in Rome while Anthony was with Cleopatra in the East?

  • Citizens swore an oath of loyalty, Anthony's pleasure seeking and self deifing in the East were not Roman values.
  • Anthony appeared to be planning an empire with Cleopatra with them as King and Queen; the ultimate betrayal of Roman values
  • Both


Whose Consuls troops rapidly switched loyalties to Anthony in the Civil War?

  • Brutus
  • Cicero
  • Lepidus


What marriage practice did the Ptolemies do since Alexander the Great gave his General Ptolemy Egypt?

  • Only married Macadonians whose ancestors were close friends with Alexander the Great
  • They could marry anyone they wanted
  • They married within the family to keep a strong claim to the throne


What aspect of Egypt in particular made it an attractive and important province for the Romans?

  • The Nile enabled 2 harvests per year which was extremely profitable and fed the population
  • The foxy lady's
  • Rich senators liked to visit Alexandria for the culture