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Fall of the Roman Republic Quiz

Test your knowledge on the events that occurred in the last century of the Republic up to Augustus becoming the first Emperor. 12 Questions.

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Which Ancient city did the Romans completely annihilate and cover in salt so that nothing could grow any more?

  • Babylon
  • Carthage
  • Alexandria


Why was Tiberius Gracchus murdered?

  • He had an affair with the Princeps Senatus' wife
  • He proposed foreigners should be in the Senate
  • He proposed a Lex Agraria to distribute land to veterans and homeless


How many times did Marius hold the Consulship?

  • 7
  • 5
  • 3


What did Marius promise that got him popular support and elected for his first consulship?

  • Take command of the war against Jugurtha and end it quickly
  • Free grain to all his soldiers
  • Slaves to his soldiers from successful conquests


Which of these men first marched on Rome and Seized power with the use of his army?

  • Marius
  • Sulla
  • Cato


According to Legend, which enemy after defeating Crassus in battle killed him by pouring molten gold into his mouth to signify his thirst for wealth?

  • Syrians
  • Parthians
  • Gauls


What feat does Julius Caesar claim to have achieved on his campaigns in Gaul?

  • 'I killed a million Gauls and enslaved a million more'
  • 'I never lost a soldier'
  • 'I dropped my sword and slew 7 barbarians with my bare hands'


When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, an act of war, who did the Senate send to defeat him?

  • Lepidus
  • Brutus
  • Pompey


Who did Julius Caesar famously have a love affair with and what is their child's name?

  • Cleopatra and Julius
  • Cleopatra and Caesarion
  • Cleopatra and Caesisus


Who led the plot to kill Caesar whose ancestors also drove out the last Roman King?

  • Decimus Brutus
  • Cicero
  • Cinna


What part of Cicero's body did Mark Anthony order the assassins to cut off and nail on display in the Forum during the proscriptions in revenge for his insulting speeches against him?

  • tongue
  • hands
  • head


How did Cleopatra die after her and Mark Anthony lost the Battle of Actium to Augustus?

  • Bitten by a Snake
  • Bitten by a Scorpion
  • Stabbed herself though the heart