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Year 1066 Quiz

As years go, 1066 rivals 1966 for excitement but without the Russian linesman. Hope you enjoy my homage to the events of an interesting year. 10 Questions.

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Edward the Confessor was still King of England as the new year of 1066 began. He didn't last long and on the 6th January, who was crowned as his successor?

  • Edmund Ironside
  • Harold Godwinson
  • William of Normandy


Who was Harold Godwinson?

  • King Edward's only son and rightful heir
  • The Earl of Wessex, a powerful nobleman
  • A Viking invader


England was up for grabs. Who had their eyes on invading from the north and maybe snatching the crown?

  • The Scots........ led by Wee Jimmy Crankie
  • The Vikings, ....under Harald Hardrada
  • The Picts.....who loved a good pillage


Around Easter of 1066, a bad omen appeared (and was recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry). What was it that caused KIng Harold such concern?

  • His sister turned up and promptly fell off Pontefract Castle.
  • Heavy snow fell and the country ground to a halt
  • Halleys Comet appeared brightly in the night sky.


September 1066 and Harold slaughtered the Viking invaders led by Harald Hardrada in what became known as .......

  • The Battle of Meadow Lane
  • The Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • The Battle of Sincil Bank


With King Harold up north, Duke William of Normandy landed in Kent with 700 boats and dug in near Hastings. What did Harold do next?

  • Headed South.......on foot.....to Hastings
  • Headed for a short holiday in Scarborough
  • Headed up to Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival


So, some 19 days after defeating the Vikings near York, the English Army met the Norman invaders. What was the result?

  • Home win
  • Away win
  • Draw


What weaponry would you have seen at Hastings?

  • Muskets, cannon, cavalry
  • Spears, swords, shields
  • Tanks, bazookas


What might King Harold's last words have been on that fateful day?

  • "Blimey, look at those arr............ow!"
  • "Damn those Norman snipers"
  • "So they were tanks, were they. "


With Harold dead, England had their third King in the year 1066. When and where was William crowned as King William I, the Conqueror?

  • Hastings Town Hall on 15th Oct. 1066
  • Westminster Abbey, Christmas Day 1066
  • Ely Cathedral, 28th December 1066