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Marillion Song Lyrics Quiz

Can you finish off these Marillion song lyrics.... 12 Questions.

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From Fantastic Place: Put your arms around my soul....

  • and take me there
  • and take it dancing
  • so you can feel my love


From The Answering Machine: From the land of the frozen, to the land of the low, we journeyed together....

  • to talk on the phone
  • over valleys and roads
  • but we were always alone


From Dry Land: In all the time that I've known you....

  • I never could hold you
  • you're such a natural stranger
  • you've been so edgy and nervous


From Sugar Mice: So if you want my address, it's number 1 at the end of the bar, where I sit with the broken angels....

  • clutching at straws, and nursing our scars
  • drinking a beer, and watching the stars
  • Just sugar mice in the rain


From Made Again: I have been here many times before, in a life I used to live, but I have never these streets so fresh...

  • and skies so blue and clear
  • washed with morning rain
  • free from doubt and pain


From Beautiful: Heaven only knows we live in a world, where what we call beautiful....

  • is just something on sale
  • are models with long hair
  • things a bad name


From Waiting to Happen: All the stone are diamonds...

  • nothing left here in this world
  • while waiting for this to happen
  • all the blues are faded


From Cover My Eyes: She's like the girl in the movie when the spitfire falls...

  • she's like the girl with the smile in the hospital ward
  • like the girl in the novel in the wind on the moors
  • like the girl in the picture that he couldn't afford


From Ocean Cloud: I've seen too much of life, so the sea is my wife and a...

  • sweet ocean cloud is a mistress I'm allowed for now
  • life I will spend on my sweet ocean cloud
  • long time I will stay searching for my sweet ocean cloud


From Man of a Thousand Faces: Cut me a piece of my divided soul, cry me a river...

  • give me an attitude and watch me make it lie
  • let things take their toll
  • call it rock and roll


From Map of the World: She's got a map of the world, pinned up on her wall, it's such a beautiful world...

  • she's gonna go see it all
  • she'll go and experience everything
  • glistening and magical


From Kayleigh: Do you remember the cherry blossom in the market square, do you remember...

  • the snow that was falling in the air
  • I thought it was confetti in our hair
  • you never understood I had to go