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Dangerous times we live in....

What to do in an emergency. 10 Questions.

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If you are bitten by a venomous snake, should you...

  • Suck the poison out of the wound
  • Bind the limb between the wound and the heart
  • Give the vicim some alcohol to drink


When giving CPR, how many presses on the chest should you do per minute?

  • 100
  • 25
  • 60


If you burn your hand, you should...

  • Put some butter on it
  • Put it under running cold water for 10 minutes
  • Pop the blisters


If you come home and smell gas as you open the front door, you should NOT

  • Open the windows
  • Turn the gas off
  • Switch on the lights


If there is a flood, you should...

  • Try to save your passport and money.
  • Leave the gas and electricity on.
  • Put plugs in the bath and sinks.


If you go swimming and get caught in a strong current, what is the best way to get back to shore?

  • Swim underwater until you escape the current.
  • Swim at rightangles to the current, parallel to the shore and try to escape the current.
  • Float on your back and go with the current.


If you are attacked by a mugger, should you....?

  • Hand over your purse/wallet.
  • Pretend you haven't got any money.
  • Run away as fast as you can.


If your car breaks down in the countryside in heavy snow, you should...

  • Get out and walk to safety.
  • Close windows and keep the engine running to stay warm.
  • Call someone with your mobile.


It you fall onto the tracks on the underground/metro system, you should NOT....

  • Flatten yourself against the wall
  • Try to climb back up onto the platform
  • Find an alcove to hide in


And finally, If you find yourself in a field with a bull, you should..

  • Lie down and keep still
  • Throw a bag or jacket away from you
  • Run towards a gate