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Yummy Chocolates Quiz

Whether you’re a hard-core chocoholic or just a weekend nibbler, we hope you’ll take time out between bites to enjoy this yummy quiz ! 9 Questions.

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Who was the first European known to have encountered cacao?

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Hernando Cortez
  • Ponce de Leon


The Mayan people of Central America and Mexico held a festival each April for their cacao god,Ek Chuah. Along with animal sacrifices,how did they celebrate the occasion?

  • By bathing in cocoa
  • By performing skits enacting the creation of cacao
  • By exchanging gifts


Of the several varieties of cacao, which is prized for its superior flavour?

  • Amelonado
  • Criollo
  • Trinitario


Chocolate makes a poor food for the family dog. Why?

  • Chemical reactions produce an unpleasant “chocolate dog” smell
  • It contains substances that are toxic for dogs
  • Long-term use puts dogs at risk of canine obesity


Three English chocolate pioneers were John Cadbury, Joseph Fry and Henry Rowntree. In addition to their work, what did all three men have in common?

  • They had undertaken military service in Africa
  • They had all been servants of the Duke of Kent
  • They were Quakers


Which three countries had the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in 2005?

  • Austria, France, Belgium
  • Ireland, Switzerland, Great Britain
  • USA, Norway, Canada


Studies have shown that chocolate may help ward off heart disease. What type of chocolate is thought to be most effective for this?

  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate


After cacao is harvested the beans are fermented, dried, roasted, shelled and ground to a paste. What is the paste called?

  • Chocolate liquor
  • Mother of chocolate
  • Cacoa


The carob tree produces a fruit that when roasted and grounded into a powder makes a good substitute for cocoa. What is another name for the carob?

  • Desert bean
  • Shepherd’s lunch
  • St. John’s bread