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The Only Fools and Horses Quiz

A quiz about the residents of nelson mandela house nyrere estate peckham london 15 Questions.

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In the episode friday the 14th Del,Rodney,Grandad go fishing to cornwall who do they encounter while there?

  • A burglar
  • A gun man
  • Escaped axe murderer


In the episode of only fools and horses entitled wanted a lady accuses Rodney of what when he comes to her assistance?

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery


What was the lady`s name?

  • Blossom
  • Rose
  • Lily


Who is the jewellery dealer who cons Del, Rodney, Mike, Boycie, Grandad, Trigger in the episode entitled chain gang?

  • Peter
  • David
  • Arnie


In the episode entitled healthy competition rodney goes into business against del with his business partner, who is his business partner?

  • Mike
  • Mickey Pearce
  • Trigger


What is the name of Boycie and Marlene`s dog in only fools and horses?

  • Rover
  • Sheba
  • Duke


Del,uncle Albert and Rodney dog sit duke but uncle Albert ends up in hospital why?

  • He eats undercooked pork
  • He get`s bitten by duke
  • He is allergic to dogs


In sickness and wealth Del tries to make money by going into business with Elsie Partridge what does the sweet old lady do for a living?

  • Tarot card reader
  • Reads tea leaves
  • Medium


In the episode entitled it`s only rock and roll Rodney finally gets his shot at stardom as a drummer with his band what is the band called?

  • A bunch of wallies
  • A bunch of losers
  • A bunch of dopes


Why does Del have an interest in the band?

  • He wants them for a local fete
  • He wants them to do a cabaret
  • He want`s them for st patricks night


The name of the club he wants them to appear at?

  • Shamrock
  • Clover
  • Ireland


Whois the lead singer?

  • Loopy larry
  • Mental Mickey
  • Dopy Donald


The gentleman who plays mental Mickey Daniel Peacock was also in another comedy series can you tell me what?

  • On the buses
  • Yes minister
  • Porridge


Who does he play in the porridge film?

  • Grouty
  • Rudge
  • Oaks


When Rodney and the band fall out they go onto success without him on what tv show ?

  • Top of the pops
  • Junior showtime
  • Opportunity knocks