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The Great Explorers

Y'know the type. They pop to the shop and come back 3 years later with a continent, a river and a vegetable named after them. 10 Questions.

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Christopher Columbus was.......

  • a Spaniard
  • a Portuguese
  • an Italian


Which part of the world is primarily associated with Fritdjorf Nansen, Frederick Cook and Robert Peary?

  • Belgium
  • Arctic
  • Sahara


Which river is associated with explorer Jacques Cartier?

  • St Lawrence
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi


Who set sail from Lisbon in July 1497 aboard his ship, the Sao Gabriel and rounded Africa, eventually reaching India. He arrived home over 2 years later.

  • Ferdinand Magellan
  • Vasco de Gama
  • Cristiano Ronaldo


Which Scottish-born explorer spent many of his 35 years in Africa and was mainly remembered for his work on the River Niger?

  • Jocky Driver
  • Hamish Brake
  • Mungo Park


Captain Scott and his team perished on their way back from the South Pole but who had beaten him by 35 days and become the first to get there in 1911?

  • Roald MacDoald
  • Roald Amundsen
  • Roald Dahl


Abel Tasman discovered what is now Tasmania but that name was given later to the island just off the Australian coast. What name did Tasman give it way back in the 1640's?

  • Van Diemens Land
  • Van Voortvliet Land
  • Wit Van Driver Land


The exploration in the late 15th/early 16th century of an Italian named Vespucci led to his first name being given to what part of the world?

  • Argentilio Vespucci = Argentina
  • Hondurex Vespucci = Honduras
  • Amerigo Vespucci = America


Which of these three satements best applies to Christopher Columbus?Christopher Columbus was.........

  • ....meticulous in his calculations.
  • ....pretty hopeless:his calculations of distance were often way out
  • ....extremely short, standing at approx 5ft 3inches


What was the great British explorer George Malory's answer to the question why try to climb the as yet unconquered Mount Everest?

  • Because I never rest.
  • Well I ain't going round it
  • Because it's there