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Which Wrestler Am I Quiz

Guess the wrestlers. 8 Questions.

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I am 6 foot 10. My Finsher is the Tomestone piledriver, the last ride, and choke slam. I am the dead man.

  • Undertaker
  • Kane
  • JTG


I can slap a Tornado, I won a world tag team championship with my little bro. My finshing move is the twist of fate.

  • Jeff Hardy
  • Matt Hardy
  • Umaga


I died of my 2nd heart attack 12/4/09. I was only 36. My last rilvery was with CM punk.

  • Umaga
  • Jamie Nobel
  • Jeff Hardy


Can you smell what I'm Cooking? I'm the peoples champ. I do the move "Rock Bottom".

  • The Rock
  • Stone Cold
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper


I went against Chris Jerico at WrestleMania. I was like a rey mysterio a long time ago.

  • Ricky Steam boat
  • Hulk Hoagn
  • Big show


I'm 7 feet tall. I do the choke slam. I hit the great kalhi in his match against Dolph Ziggler.

  • Big show
  • The rock
  • Kane


I beat John Cena in one of the best crowds ever. I am now retired. I had the WWE Championship.

  • RVD
  • Stone Cold
  • Drew mcytire


I do the Swanton Bomb. CM punk forced me to retire. I have had one of the shortest title reins ever

  • Kane
  • John Cena
  • Jeff Hardy