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Robin of Sherwood

A series of questions on the classic 1980s TV series 10 Questions.

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Nice easy one to start - in Seasons 1 and 2 who played Robin of Loxley/Sherwood?

  • Sean Connery
  • Jason Connery
  • Michael Praed


What actress played Lady Marion of Leaford throughout the three season run of the programme?

  • Judi Trott
  • Kate Winslet
  • Kim Thomson


In Season 2 who played the evil Morgwyn of Ravenscar in the two part story ‘The Swords Of Wayland’?

  • Amanda Hillwood
  • Gemma Craven
  • Rula Lenska


In the pilot episode of the series; ‘Robin Hood and the Sorcerer’, who played the evil Baron Simon de Belleme?

  • Ian Ogilvy
  • Anthony Valentine
  • John Nettles


Who played Prince John in the series?

  • Oliver Tobias
  • Lewis Collins
  • Phil Davis


In the Season 1 finale, ‘The King’s Fool’, who played King Richard the Lionheart?

  • Brian Blessed
  • John Rhys Davies
  • James Robertson Justice


The Saracen former assassin Nasir joined Robin’s band at the end of the pilot episode, but which British actor and stuntman played him?

  • Mark Ryan
  • Clive Mantle
  • Phil Rose


In Season 3 Jason Connery (as Robert of Huntingdon) replaced Michael Praed (as Robin of Loxley) in the title role but who played the father of the new ‘Robin’, the Earl of Huntingdon?

  • Ian Ogilvy
  • Michael Craig
  • Richard O’Brien


Also in Season 3 it emerged that Robert of Huntingdon and Guy of Gisbourne were related, how?

  • They were cousins
  • They were half-brothers
  • They were uncle and nephew


What was the name of the sword carried by Robin of Sherwood?

  • Elidor
  • Orias
  • Albion