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Sagacity Quiz 04

A serious General Knowledge quiz for serious quizzers, no sympathy given, no prisoners taken! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

One of the largest bird reserves in England, Elmley Marshes RSPB reserve is located in which English county?

  • Kent
  • Norfolk
  • Devon
  • Cheshire

Question 2 Photo

Which movie "monster" received a star on Hollywood's 'Walk of Fame' in 2004?

  • The Alien
  • Frankenstein
  • King Kong
  • Godzilla

Question 3 Photo

Which American poet, described the Italian city, Venice, as "A fit abode for a poet"?

  • Walt Whitman
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Langston Hughes
  • Ezra Pound

Question 4 Photo

Which German composer created "Kontakte", a piece for electronic sounds, piano and percussion?

  • Karlheinz Stockhausen
  • Wolfgang Rihm
  • Bernd Alois Zimmermann
  • York Holler

Question 5 Photo

Dating from 299-251 million years ago, which was the last period of the Palaeozoic Era?

  • The Cambrian
  • The Permian
  • The Silurian
  • The Carboniferous

Question 6 Photo

By swimming the length of which river did Slovenian, Martin Strel, set a world record in 2007?

  • Amazon
  • Rhine
  • Nile
  • Ganges

Question 7 Photo

In which type of Japanese drama, are all parts played by men for the sake of propriety?

  • Sho-Gekijo
  • Bunraku
  • Yaro-Kabuki
  • Kyogen

Question 8 Photo

According to experts in 2008, which British foodstuff should be four inches high?

  • Custard tarts
  • Victoria sponges
  • Pork Pies
  • Yorkshire puddings

Question 9 Photo

Created by the Sumerian goddess Aruru, as related in the "Epic Of Gilgamesh", what is the name of the wild man, raised by animals to rid Gilgamesh of his arrogance?

  • Shamash
  • Urshanabi
  • Enkidu
  • Enlil

Question 10 Photo

If a ship flies the letter 'W' on single flag, which message is sent to other ships?

  • Leaving convoy
  • Medical assistance required
  • Increasing speed
  • Engine failure. Assistance Required