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Guess That Animal

I'm going to give you the description of animal and you have to guess what it is. Simple, right? 10 Questions.

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I am small. I am a rodent and have relatively large eyes and ears. I am native to Europe and Asia and I'm found in fields of cereal crops.

  • brown rat
  • harvest mouse
  • marmot


I am mainly found in Australia, although I have been found in Thailand. I can be domesticated. I have a broad head and I have a sandy to reddish-brown coloured coat.

  • red kangaroo
  • dingo
  • grey kangaroo


I am a large mammal native to Europe. The males of my species fight to win the honor of the females. Only the males have antlers and both adults and young have white spots on their fur.

  • fallow deer
  • mule deer
  • roe deer


I am a rodent native to parts of East Africa. I am prone to cuts but have a lack of pain sensation in my skin. I live underground with my queen and I have poor eyesight.

  • Damaraland mole rat
  • leafcutter ant
  • naked mole rat


I am a mammal native to Central Asia. Unlike most species like mine, I have round pupils. I am around the size of a house cat. I was first described in 1776 by a man whose first name was Peter.

  • wildcat
  • Pallas's cat
  • Amur tiger


I am native to Africa and Southern Asia. I have black fur with a greyish-white stripe down my back. I have a blunt snout and virtually no external ears.

  • aardvark
  • honey badger
  • European badger


I am a large mammal native to Africa. I have rough, grey skin and the males of my species can weigh up to 15,000lbs. I enjoy having a bath and I am near-threatened.

  • white rhino
  • black rhino
  • African elephant


I am a legless reptile native to Central and Southern America. I have nine subspecies and I am very shy. I am also nocturnal and I am known for my attractive, iridescent sheen.

  • rainbow boa
  • Cuban tree boa
  • tree boa


I am a large marine mammal with flippers. I have long whiskers and I am very bulky. My favourite foods include shrimps, crabs and various molluscs. I love to sunbathe.

  • walrus
  • sealion
  • harp seal


I am a large, African antelope. I have short, grey, black and white fur and large horns. I have a long, black tail and I am mainly desert dwelling.

  • Thomson's gazelle
  • gemshok
  • East African oryx