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The Beatles Circus

Questions not directly about the Fab Four, but about some of those they rubbed shoulders with throughout their time together. 16 Questions.

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What links Ken Brown, Tommy Moore, Jimmy Nicholls and Andy White with the Beatles?

  • They all played drums for the band at one time or another and for varying reasons
  • They were the darts team from Ringo's local on Lark Lane
  • They were a Merseybeat band, Voldemort and the Death-Eaters and went to Hamburg with the Beatles.


What is the name of the German nightclub owner and entrepreneur, whom after two chance meetings with the then Beatles’ manager Alan Williams, arranged for the Beatles to go to Hamburg?

  • Otto Ratzenkeller
  • Bruno Koshmider
  • Arnie Sachnusen


What was the name- and somewhat self-styled title- of the Trinidad born musician and Liverpool club owner who travelled in Alan Williams’ camper van with the Beatles on their first Hamburg trip?

  • Duke Stuyvesant
  • Earl Stogey
  • Lord Woodbine


Which lady owned the Casbah club in Liverpool, and went on to lend John Lennon a collection of war medals for the Sergeant Pepper album cover?

  • Lisa Louvre
  • Mona Best
  • Beryl Cole


Which Wallasey born singer was an early member of the Undertakers, and then went on to record for Apple after the death of Brian Epstein?

  • Jackie Lomax
  • Al Brodax
  • Brad Halifax


Which member of the Merseybeat band, the Seniors, went on to record with Wings on several of their albums?

  • Howie Casey
  • Derry Wilkie
  • Terry Sylvester


Which Brown loaned the band £20, even though this was 1963 and they had had two singles and an album in the charts?

  • Charlie
  • Gordon
  • Ken


Which Brown checked possible venues for John and Yoko's wedding?

  • Peter
  • Mary
  • Jackie


Which Austrian born classical musician and writer, initially dismissed the Beatles and their music, but appeared with his own ensemble on the 1965 ATV programme, ‘The Music of Lennon and McCartney?'

  • Fritz Katz
  • Kat Fritz
  • Fritz Spiegel


What was the name of the journalist who unwittingly brought about the furor over John Lennon’s claim that the Beatles would be bigger than Christ?

  • Maureen Choppe
  • Maureen Cutte
  • Maureen Cleave


The sister is an actress, her brother is a singer, musician and record producer; both had strong ties to the Beatles. They were . . .?

  • Daisy and Eric McDougal
  • Peter and Jane Asher
  • Gwladys and Fred O'Houlihan


Freddie released the single - ‘That's My Life (My Love and My Home)’, and his brother Charlie became somewhat of a novelty on the Beatles’ Liverpool trail. But -Freddie and Charlie whom?

  • Harrison
  • Starr
  • Lennon


I was born in 1937. You could say I ended up being in two groups at the same time. With two friends I sold a million books, with two other friends I had several hit records. So, I am . . . ?

  • Roger McGough
  • Levi Tafari
  • Smudger Harris


Apparently this US actor, with an even more famous father and sister, knew ‘What is was like to be dead…’ and thus inspired the song ‘She Said’. Who is it?

  • Henry Nicer
  • Terry Better
  • Peter Fonda


Brian Epstein shortly before his death in 1967, proposed to sell the Beatles on to another record producer / Impresario. What was this person’s name?

  • Stig O'Hara
  • Stig O'Dump
  • Robert Stigwood


Both from NEMS one to Apple, with press both would grapple. One was A known as T, the other lost in fog in LA. So these are the clues, not to harrow or nail yer so please guess their names which are?

  • Tiny Carter and Eric Baylor
  • Derek Barrow and Tony Taylor
  • Tony Barrow and Derek Taylor