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Name That Song Quiz

How well do you know the lyrics from songs? 10 Questions.

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REO Speedwagon sang,'When I said that I love you , I meant that I love you forever' in which song?

  • Can't fight this feeling anymore
  • Keep on loving you
  • In my dreams


'Its the Love that lasts forever', sang 'The Beatles', in which song?

  • Don't let me down
  • Revolution
  • Let it be


'I was a lonely soul, I had nobody till I met you', are the words from which 'Kinks' hit?

  • Set me free
  • You really got me
  • Tired of waiting


'Bobby Vee' sang,' I'll love you twice as much tomorrow', in which song?

  • More than I can say
  • Run to him
  • Take good care of my baby


'Why can't I pretend that you love me again', sang 'Gene Pitney' in which hit?

  • I'm gonna be strong
  • Just one smile
  • Teardrop by teardrop


'Dionne Warwick' sang, 'When I was being what you want me to be' in which song?

  • I'll never love this way again
  • Heartbreaker
  • I say a little prayer


'It's such a shame that you belong to another', sang 'Steps' in which hit?

  • One for sorrow
  • Deeper shade of blue
  • It's the way you make me feel


'Take That', sang 'You light the sky, up above me', in which of their hits?

  • Shine
  • Patience
  • Rule the world


'Even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you', were lyrics sung by 'Snow Patrol' in which song?

  • Run
  • Chasing Cars
  • Open your eyes


'Aretha Franklin' sang 'Forever and ever, you'll stay in my heart and I will love you', in which of her songs?

  • Respect
  • This you can believe
  • I say a little prayer