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I Know That Voice!

Questions on actors who add their vocal talents to videogames character voices. 12 Questions.

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In the 'conspiracy thriller'/action-adventure 'XIII' who provides the voice of the player's character, XIII?

  • David Duchovny
  • David Boreanaz
  • David Morse


Still with the game 'XIII', which 'superhero' actor provides the voice of Thirteen's boss: General Carrington?

  • Christopher Reeve
  • Tobey Maguire
  • Adam West


The videogame ‘GUN’ was set in the American Wild West of 1880, but which Country and Western singer voiced the character Ned White?

  • Willie Nelson
  • Kris Kristofferson
  • Kenny Rogers


In ‘Call of Duty: Finest Hour’ which actor provided the voice of British Commando Edward Carlyle?

  • Chris Fountain
  • Chris Walker
  • Chris Barrie


In the game ‘Call of Duty: Finest Hour’ which Heavy Rock singer provided the voice of British Commando, Sergeant Bob Starkey?

  • Brian Johnson (of AC/DC)
  • Bruce Dickinson (of Iron Maiden)
  • Joe Elliot (of Def Leppard)


In the action role-playing game ‘Fable II’, who provides the voice of Reaver, the Mayor of Bloodstone?

  • Patrick Stewart
  • Stephen Fry
  • Derek Jacobi


Still with ‘Fable II’ which cast member of TV show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ voices the part of Sister "Hammer" Hannah?

  • Julia Sawalha
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Jennifer Saunders


Which actor (whose Dad is a famous actor) voiced the part of Sgt. Roebuck in ‘Call of Duty: World at War’?

  • Charlie Sheen
  • Michael Douglas
  • Kiefer Sutherland


Still with the game ‘Call of Duty: World at War’, the vocal talents of which British actor provided the voice of Sergeant Reznov?

  • Gary Oldman
  • Damian Lewis
  • Jude Law


Which ‘Star Wars’ (original trilogy) actor provided the voice of the Joker in the videogame ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum?’

  • Denis Lawson
  • Mark Hamill
  • Harrison Ford


Which famous actor from the Emerald Isle provided the voice of James in ‘Fallout 3’?

  • Colin Farrell
  • Liam Neeson
  • Pierce Brosnan


Finally, which dulcet toned former Royal Shakespeare Company actor provided the voice of Emperor Uriel Septim VII in ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’?

  • Ian Richardson
  • Ben Kingsley
  • Patrick Stewart