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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ten questions on the greatest videogame of all time…Shigeru Miyamoto’s masterpiece. 10 Questions.

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The hero of the game, Link, belongs to which tribe?

  • Kokiri
  • Hylian
  • Gerudo


While still a child, Link the hero unwittingly gets engaged to who?

  • Saria, his childhood friend
  • Malon, the rancher’s daughter
  • Princess Ruto


What strange feat must Link accomplish to get the Hookshot gadget?

  • Collect ten ‘Poes’ (ghosts) in bottles
  • Dive to the very bottom of Lake Hylia
  • Beat the ghost of Dampe in a race


From where does Link obtain his fabled Bow?

  • He steals it from the Gerudo Archery Range
  • He finds it in the Forest Temple
  • He buys it from a shop in Hyrule Market Square


After Link defeats the fire-breathing monster in Dodongo’s Cavern what honorary title does King Darunia bestow on Link?

  • Friend of the Gorons
  • The Kokiri Kid
  • Goron Brother


Music plays a large part in the game, but who teaches Link how to play the song “Zelda’s Lullaby”?

  • Saria, his childhood friend
  • Malon, the rancher’s daughter
  • Impa, Zelda's bodyguard


Link’s noble and trusty steed is called ‘Epona’. What does the name ‘Epona’ mean?

  • Nothing, it’s just a name
  • Great Mare
  • Four-legged beast


The character Kaepora Gaebora guides Link in the early part of his adventures, but what type of animal is he?

  • Dragon
  • Lion
  • Owl


As well as being the ‘Hero of Time’ Link also gets a part-time job in the Ocarina of Time game. As what?

  • Travelling salesman for the ‘Happy Mask Shop’
  • Postman for ‘Dragon Roost Island’
  • Golden Bug Collector for Agitha


How does Link acquire the fabled ‘Ocarina of Time’ mentioned in the title?

  • Saria gives it to him as a parting gift
  • He finds it in a dustbin behind Hyrule palace
  • He retrieves it from the Castle Moat