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The Genuine Fake Quiz

A quiz about fakers and fakes. Some are upfront fakes but others were meant to deceive. 8 Questions.

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Tom Keating faked over 2,000 paintings in the style of over 100 different painters during a lucrative career. What did he call his memoirs?

  • Sexton Fake
  • The Faker's Dozen
  • The Fake's Progress
  • The Great British Fake Off


Which historian authenticated the fake Hitler diaries for The Sunday Times in the early 1980s?

  • Hugh Trevor-Roper
  • A J P Taylor
  • David Starkey
  • Michael Wood


In 1912 Charles Dawson alleged that he had found a skull which was 'The Missing Link' between modern man and the apes. Proved a fake in 1953, what was the skull?

  • Man and Orangutan
  • Man and Gorilla
  • Man and Chimpanzee
  • Man and Bulldog


Which investigative journalist often posed as a Fake Sheikh to aid his enquiries?

  • Mazher Iqbal
  • Mazher Sayad
  • Mazher Mahmood
  • Mazher Arshed


With no intention to deceive anyone. What is the Beatles tribute band that formed in 1980 called?

  • Beatlemania
  • The Not Beatles
  • The Beetles
  • The Bootleg Beatles


In the American reality programme 'I Wanna Marry Harry', which lookalike played the Prince Harry?

  • Michael Wells
  • Matthew Hicks
  • Martin Smith
  • Max Brown


What was the name given to openly fake Rolex watches which were briefly on sale?

  • Bolex
  • Robex
  • Bobex
  • Relax


Which American artist's husband Walter openly sold her paintings claiming that he painted them?

  • Kathleen Riordan
  • Georgia O'Keefe
  • Margaret Keane
  • Caitlin Shaughnessy