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Factoids Quiz 188

More Trivial facts you are better off not knowing! (With picture clues) 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which English football team does Meat Loaf support?

  • Wigan Athletic
  • Hartlepool United
  • Manchester United
  • Bristol City

Question 2 Photo

Which US president had his shoes hand-made by the same Italian cobbler as Saddam Hussein?

  • Ronald Reagan
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford
  • George W Bush

Question 3 Photo

As at 2015, which copyrighted book holds a world record as the best-seller of all time?

  • World Almanac
  • Wisden Cricketers' Almanack
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Guinness Book of World Records

Question 4 Photo

What percentage of Egypt is made up of the desert sands of the Sahara?

  • 96%
  • 76%
  • 56%
  • 36%

Question 5 Photo

Which of these is the fastest insect, running at a speed of 5.6mph?

  • Fire ant
  • Australian Tiger beetle
  • Bedbug
  • American cockroach

Question 6 Photo

The American secret service tried to spike carrots of which former leader with female hormones to change him into a woman?

  • Kim Jong-il
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Fidel Castro
  • Robert Mugabe

Question 7 Photo

According to his sister who, as a child, would turn yellow as a result of his quick temper, whilst the tip of his nose became snow-white?

  • Donald Trump
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • Albert Einstein
  • The Duke of Edinburgh

Question 8 Photo

Which would be the modern term for the historic occupation of a 'Tipstaff'?

  • Policeman
  • Arrow head fitter
  • Tin Miner
  • Refuse collector

Question 9 Photo

Which artist was told by his parents that he was the reincarnation of his own brother?

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Salvador Dali

Question 10 Photo

Which nickname did Steven Spielberg give to the mechanical shark in the movie "Jaws"?

  • Bruce
  • Dracula
  • Jimmy
  • Sabre