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Dinner Date Quiz

This quiz is based on "Dinner Date" British cooking dating game show 9 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which three different ladies does Al pick to date in "Dinner Date"?

  • Sarah, Vana and Tilly
  • Christine, Natasha and Danielle
  • Emma, Jessica and Grace
  • Faragonda, Hayley and Rachel

Question 2 Photo

At whose house does Al arrive first in "Dinner Date"?

  • Christine
  • Danielle
  • Natasha
  • Emma

Question 3 Photo

What does Al think about Christine in "Dinner Date"?

  • She was good company he had fun with her
  • She wasn't interesting
  • She didn't cook very good
  • She didn't comunicate much

Question 4 Photo

At whose house does Al arrive second in "Dinner Date"?

  • Sally
  • Riley
  • Frankie
  • Natasha

Question 5 Photo

What does Al think about Natasha in "Dinner Date"?

  • She was boring
  • She wasn't quiet interesting
  • She was really good fun,easy and relax
  • She talked to much

Question 6 Photo

To whose house does Al go last in "Dinner Date"?

  • Jemma
  • Martha
  • Stella
  • Danielle

Question 7 Photo

What does Al think about Danielle in "Dinner Date"?

  • He thought that when she opened the door she had a amazing personality
  • She wasn't his type
  • She wasn't communicating much
  • She wasn't that attractive to him

Question 8 Photo

When all three dates are done, which 2 will be eating home in "Dinner Date"?

  • Christine and Danielle
  • Rachel and Flora
  • Dorothy and Bloom
  • Natalie and Jodie

Question 9 Photo

Which lady did Al pick to have a 2nd date with in "Dinner Date"

  • Natasha
  • Danielle
  • Christine
  • Julia