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Classic Ford Cars (UK) Quiz

Identify these UK produced Ford cars. No tap-ins or timer. 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Produced between 1953-1959, which Ford was the 4-door saloon version of the 100E series?

  • Ford Prefect 100E
  • Ford Anglia 100E
  • Ford Popular 100E
  • Ford Escort 100E

Question 2 Photo

Which Ford was the saloon version of the 109E/116E series, which came in 2 or 4-door options and was produced between 1961-1963?

  • Ford Consul Mk.1
  • Ford Consul Capri
  • Ford Consul Classic
  • Ford Capri Mk.1

Question 3 Photo

The Ford 204E/206E Zephyr Mk.2 range appeared in 1956, which car was the standard base model?

  • Ford Zephyr Mk.2 206E
  • Ford Zodiac Mk.2 206E
  • Ford Cortina Mk.2 204E
  • Ford Consul Mk.2 204E

Question 4 Photo

Produced between 1957-1965 which Ford van came in van, pick-up and bus versions with some also converted into motor caravans?

  • Ford Commercial 10cwt van
  • Ford Thames 400E van
  • Ford Trojan 400E van
  • Ford 'D' Series van

Question 5 Photo

Produced between 1959-1967, which Ford came in saloon, estate and panel van versions and a "Super" version which was distinguished by its 'go-fast' stripe along the side?

  • Ford Anglia 105E
  • Ford Corsair V4
  • Ford Cortina Mk.1
  • Ford Escort Mk.1

Question 6 Photo

Produced between 1962-1966 which Ford was the first in a series that ran for 5 generations until 1982?

  • Ford Fiesta Mk.1
  • Ford Escort Mk.1
  • Ford Granada Mk.1
  • Ford Cortina Mk.1A

Question 7 Photo

Produced between 1963-1970 which Ford was inspired by the 'Thunderbird' and came in saloon, convertible, cabriolet and estate-car versions?

  • Ford Coupe
  • Ford Classic
  • Ford Corsair
  • Ford Crisis

Question 8 Photo

In 1962 the Zephyr range was re-styled, which model came in a 4-door and estate conversion and had twin headlights?

  • Ford Zephyr 4 Mk.3
  • Ford Zodiac Mk.3
  • Ford Classic Mk.3
  • Ford Consul Mk.3

Question 9 Photo

Produced between 1966-1974 which Ford had 4 headlights and came in standard and "Executive" versions?

  • Ford Zephyr Mk.4
  • Ford Zodiac Mk.4
  • Ford Viscount Mk.4
  • Ford Ambassador Mk.4

Question 10 Photo

Produced between 1969-1974 which Ford was a fastback coupe which came with a variety of engine options?

  • Ford Granada Mk.1
  • Ford RS2600
  • Ford Capri Mk.1
  • Ford Mustang Mk.2

Question 11 Photo

Produced between 1968-1975 which Ford was the first of a series that ran for 6 generations until 2004?

  • Ford Escort Mk.1
  • Ford Cortina Mk.1
  • Ford Fiesta Mk.1
  • Ford Sierra Mk.1

Question 12 Photo

Which Ford was produced between 1972-1977 and came in 2-door, 4-door, estate and a 2-door coupe version (the "Sweeney" version)?

  • Ford Granada Mk.1
  • Ford Orion Mk.1
  • Ford Falcon Mk.1
  • Ford Focus Mk.1

Question 13 Photo

Produced between 1976-1983 which Ford came as a hatchback and panel van version and was a popular series that continues to this day with the 6th generation?

  • Ford Orion Mk.1
  • Ford Focus Mk.1
  • Ford Fiesta Mk.1
  • Ford Sierra Mk.1

Question 14 Photo

Produced between 1982-1994 which Ford was a large, family saloon that came in saloon, notchback, estate and pick-up varieties?

  • Ford Pinto
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Ford Scorpio
  • Ford Sierra

Question 15 Photo

Introduced in 1970 which Ford was a 1598cc 'crossflow'-engined special edition with a distinctive colour scheme?

  • Ford Escort 'Caribbean'
  • Ford Escort 'Mexico'
  • Ford Escort 'Aztec'
  • Ford Escort 'Brasil'