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Classic Horror Films Quiz

A quiz on the horror films of Amicus, Hammer and the less well-known film studios. 20 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

When was the first of Hammer's 'Gothic Horrors' ('The Curse of Frankenstein') made?

  • 1958
  • 1957
  • 1955
  • 1960

Question 2 Photo

Is it 'True' or 'False' that Christopher Lee starred in two of Hammer's Frankenstein films?

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Question 3 Photo

Which actress starred as Mina in Hammer's 'Dracula' (1958)?

  • Valerie Gaunt
  • Melissa Stribling
  • Hazel Court
  • Barbara Shelley

Question 4 Photo

Melissa Stribling also starred in 1952 B-movie, 'Ghost Ship' with Hazel Court and Dermot Walsh. What is the relationship between the aforementioned Walsh and Court?

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Question 5 Photo

Which of these actors did not star in Hammer's 'The Brides Of Dracula'?

  • Christopher Lee
  • Henry Oscar
  • Peter Cushing
  • Andree Melly

Question 6 Photo

Amicus film 'The Skull' is based on a story by who?

  • M.R James
  • Bram Stoker
  • Robert Bloch
  • Anthony Horrowitz

Question 7 Photo

The 1965 film by Planet Film Productions, 'Island Of Terror' features creatures called what?

  • Silicates
  • Serpents
  • Triffids
  • Hydras

Question 8 Photo

Which was the first of Amicus' portmanteau films, starring a young Donald Sutherland (who later played President Snow in the Hunger Games)?

  • The House That Dripped Blood
  • Asylum
  • From Beyond The Grave
  • Dr Terror's House Of Horrors

Question 9 Photo

'The Beast Must Die' (an Amicus film from 1974), Features a character played by Michael Gambon who used to be a pianist. Which classical tune does he play?

  • Gymnopedie No. 1
  • The Moonlight Sonata
  • For Elise
  • Claire de Lune

Question 10 Photo

"Monster? We're British you know!" Which film features this quote from Peter Cushing?

  • The Horror Express
  • The Beast Must Die
  • The House of Long Shadows
  • The Uncanny

Question 11 Photo

Which 1983 film starred Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price?

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Question 12 Photo

In Hammer's 'The Curse Of The Werewolf' who played the title role?

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Question 13 Photo

What is the name of the fictional place in which the 'Gorgon' is set (Hammer, 1964)?

  • Borski
  • Vandorf
  • Ratoff
  • Miester

Question 14 Photo

Is it true or false that Barbara Shelley was originally going to play both Megaera and Carla in 'The Gorgon'?

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Question 15 Photo

Who said this in the 'Island Of Terror' (Planet Film Productions, 1965): "It seems David is better with a scalpel, than he is opening a bottle of wine"?

  • Reginald Landers
  • Brian Stanley
  • Peter Argyle
  • Toni Merril

Question 16 Photo

In 'The Uncanny' (1977), which animals are believed to be planning to rule the world above humans?

  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Cats
  • Birds of Prey

Question 17 Photo

Who is the first victim of the monster in 'The Horror Express'?

  • Professor Saxton
  • The Russian Countess
  • The Baggage Man
  • A Lock Picker and Thief

Question 18 Photo

In the third story in portmanteau film 'The Uncanny' what is Valentine De'ath's job?

  • Art Gallery Owner
  • Taxidermist
  • Actor
  • Headmaster

Question 19 Photo

What is the name of the film that Peter Cushing was due to star in but, pulled out of when his wife fell ill?

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Question 20 Photo

What is Foxy's real name in the 'Abominable Snowman' (Hammer, 1957)?

  • Gerald Hound
  • Peter Fox
  • Michael Redbeard
  • Fergus Philips