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What Guy Quiz

Let's see if you can place these 18 people named Guy, good luck! 18 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What guy is a British film director once married to Madonna?

  • Guy Flaherty
  • Guy Grantham
  • Guy Richie
  • Guy Davis

Question 2 Photo

What Guy is a multi-instrumentalist and synthesizer player for the band Dire Straits?

  • Guy Gerber
  • Guy Fletcher
  • Guy Sebastian
  • Guy Montag

Question 3 Photo

What Guy is the Canadian born bandleader who formed the Royal Canadians?

  • Guy Flaherty
  • Guy Grissom
  • Guy Lombardo
  • Guy Lafleur

Question 4 Photo

What Guy is half of French house music duo Daft Punk?

  • Guy Carbonneau
  • Guy Manuel de Homem Cristo
  • Guy Lapointe
  • Guy de Maupassant

Question 5 Photo

What Guy is an animated TV series about a dysfunctional American family?

  • The Family Guy
  • The American Guy
  • The Quahog Guy
  • The Fatty McFatty Guy

Question 6 Photo

What Guy is the founder and CEO of Canadian theatrical company Cirque du Soleil?

  • Guy Lafleur
  • Guy Lipton
  • Guy Lapointe
  • Guy Laliberte'

Question 7 Photo

What Guy is an English motorcycle racer, lorry mechanic and TV personality?

  • Guy Hebert
  • Guy Secretan
  • Guy Martin
  • Guy Clark

Question 8 Photo

What Guy is "America's Favorite Game Show Host" on children's program "Sesame Street?"

  • Guy Caballero
  • Guy Smiley
  • Guy Montag
  • Guy Gargle

Question 9 Photo

What Guy is known for his TV series on the Food Network?

  • Guy Secretan
  • Guy Flay
  • Guy Lagasse
  • Guy Fieri

Question 10 Photo

What Guy was an English catholic famous for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot?

  • Guy Fawkes
  • Guy Hastings
  • Guy Torrey
  • Guy of Warwick

Question 11 Photo

What Guy was a French author famous for his short stories?

  • Guy Montag
  • Guy de Rothschild
  • Guy de Maupassant
  • Guy Lapointe

Question 12 Photo

What Guy is an English songwriter, musician and record producer known for his work with Robbie Williams?

  • Guy Berrymon
  • Guy Clark
  • Guy Sebastian
  • Guy Chambers

Question 13 Photo

What Guy is an Australian actor who appeared in the movies "Memento" and "The King's Speech?"

  • Guy Williams
  • Guy Gardner
  • Guy Pierce
  • Guy Gerber

Question 14 Photo

What Guy is a hired killer in the Robin Hood legend?

  • Guy of Gisbourne
  • Guy of Gurney
  • Guy of Gosford
  • Guy of Gadbern

Question 15 Photo

What Guy is band Coldplay's bassist?

  • Guy Forget
  • Guy Berryman
  • Guy Siner
  • Guy Rolfe

Question 16 Photo

What Guy was a British intelligence officer and a member of the cold war's Cambridge Five Spy Ring?

  • Guy Madison
  • Guy Clarke
  • Guy Burgess
  • Guy Marriott

Question 17 Photo

What Guy was a Baron, banker and a member of one of the world's richest families?

  • Guy Robin Rockerfeller
  • Guy de Rothschild
  • Guy Montag
  • Guy of Warwick

Question 18 Photo

What Guy was an English actor who portrayed Hubert Gruberson on the sitcom "`Allo `Allo?"

  • Guy Siner
  • Guy Williams
  • Guy Boyd
  • Guy Gerber