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A quiz about Dr. Cristina Yang Grey's Anatomy

Here is a look at the brilliant, beautiful, and self-confident Dr. Cristina Yang...........who will admit she is one of a kind 8 Questions.

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How many classes did Cristina admit she cut in all four years of medical school on Grey's Anatomy?

  • 2 the whole four years
  • 2 each year the whole four years
  • None ever
  • Only 1 ever


What did Owen Hunt do to Cristina one night on Grey's Anatomy?

  • He came home one night and hit her
  • He was choking her to death in his sleep
  • He threw his cell phone at her
  • He threw a vase at her


When Burke and Cristina were going to get married, what did his mother do to Christina's face on Grey's Anatomy?

  • Gave her a black eye
  • Made her wear a dark wedding veil
  • Shaved off her eyebrows
  • Made her wear a lot of makeup


When Cristina is a patient, and walking around wearing a hospital gown, what did she say to Alex when he said he could see her panties on Grey's Anatomy?

  • Close your eyes evil one
  • Turn away or else evil one
  • In your dreams evil spawn
  • You just wish you could


What did Cristina have pointed at her head when she was operating on Derek when he got shot on Grey's Anatomy?

  • A man with a gun
  • A man with a knife
  • A woman with a gun
  • A woman with a knife


What did Cristina do for one patient who was allergic to pain killers on Grey's Anatomy?

  • Stripped for him
  • Read him from a porn book
  • Made up a dirty story
  • Ordered a nurse to strip for him


What nickname did Cristina give George when he messed up on his first appendectomy on Grey's Anatomy?

  • Screw up
  • Dummy
  • 007
  • Idiot


What did Burke give Christina that totally shocked her on Grey's Anatomy?

  • Her own car
  • Her own motorcycle
  • Her own hospital wing
  • Her own hospital