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Quiz On The Movie "Die Hard 2"

Now it's time to think hard with "Die Hard 2" 8 Questions.

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What was the locale in the movie "Die Hard 2"?

  • A hotel
  • An office highrise
  • An Airport
  • A metropolitan city


How was the main bad guy dressed when he was first introduced in the movie "Die Hard 2"?

  • In a suit
  • In a bathrobe
  • Nude
  • wearing swimming trunks


What book was the movie "Die Hard 2" taken from?

  • "58 Minutes"
  • "Nothing Lasts Forever"
  • "Simon Says"
  • "Airport"


How did John create the landing lights for all the planes in "Die Hard 2"?

  • Flares all over the runway
  • Big Rigs with their high beams on
  • Blew up the bad guys plane
  • Flashlights all over the runway


How did John kill the man outside the church in the movie "Die Hard 2"?

  • shot him
  • stabbed him with a knife
  • Stabbed him with an icicle
  • Broke his neck


How did Holly shut Thornburg up finally in the movie "Die Hard 2"?

  • Slugged him in the mouth
  • Hit him with a tazer
  • Threatened him with a gun
  • Threatened to call his boss


What song was heard at the final credits on "Die Hard 2"?

  • "Let it Snow"
  • "Jingle Bells"
  • "Silent Night"
  • "The Sounds of Silence"


How did John escape the hand grenades when he was locked in the cockpit in the movie "Die Hard 2"?

  • The escape hatch under the plane
  • He threw all the hand grenades back out
  • He used a pick and opened the door of he cockpit
  • Used the ejector seat on the plane