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Die Hard The Movie Quiz

This is a quiz on the classic movie "Die Hard" 8 Questions.

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What did the man on the place suggest John do to surviving air travel in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Don't get into another plane for a month
  • Walk around barefoot...making fists with your toes
  • Totally relax in a hot tub for an hour
  • Meditation for two hours


How did John escape the bomb on the roof in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Jumped over to the next building
  • Went down the fire escape
  • Tied a firehose around his waist and jumped
  • Jumped over the edge with a parachute


What did John use to escape down the elevator shaft in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • The strap of a machine gun
  • A rope
  • He jumped to the next floor down
  • He climbed up the girders


What was John's wife's name in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Holly
  • Hilly Rose
  • Harriet
  • Millie


Which cowboy did John identify with when questioned by Hans in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Gene Autry
  • Hopalong Cassidy
  • Tex Ritter
  • Roy Rogers


What part of John's body was bare through most of the movie "Die Hard"?

  • His chest
  • His feet
  • His legs
  • His arms


What was John's daughter's name in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Lilly
  • Milly
  • Lucy
  • Suzie


How did John keep the gun strapped to his back in the movie "Die Hard"?

  • Shoulder holster
  • Scotch tape
  • Electical tape
  • Christmas tape