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Dr. Elizabeth Stevens (Izzie) Quiz From

This in a personal look at the character of Dr. Elizabeth Stevens (Izzie) that Katherine Heigl portrays on "Grey's Anatomy" 8 Questions.

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What character did Dr. Stevens portray when she modeled to pay off her student loan on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • Brittany Bright
  • Bethany Beautiful
  • Bethany Whisper
  • Elizabeth Stevens


What did Izzie do in desperation to get Denny a new heart on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • Cut his heart monitor
  • Give him the paddles to almost kill him
  • Cut the Lvad wire to stop his heart
  • Change his medication so he almost died


What did Izzie live in for part of her life on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • An abandoned house
  • An Abandoned apartment
  • A trailer park
  • A box in an alley


What prevented Izzie from marrying Denny after he got his new heart on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He got discharged and left the hospital
  • He lost interest in Izzie
  • He fell in love with someone else
  • He died


Why wasn't Izzie with Denny when he died on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • She was in surgery
  • She was late for work
  • She took too much time trying on dresses
  • She was drunk


Who was Izzie seeing when she was experiencing the hallucinations on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • Her late mother
  • Denny Duquette
  • Her late father
  • Her dog that had died


What was the greatest complaint by her superiors that followed Izzie on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • She got too personally involved with patients
  • She was too aloof with patients
  • She was too much of a maverick
  • She was too much like Cristina


How much was the check that was given to Izzie from Denny Duquette on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • 8.7 million
  • One million
  • 5 million
  • 20 million