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Quiz About Dr. George O'Malley Of "Grey's Anatomy"

This is a quiz about the character Dr. George O'Malley portrayed by T.R. Knight on "Grey's Anatomy" 8 Questions.

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What was significant about George's score on the intern exam on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He aced it
  • He got a higher score than Cristina
  • He failed it
  • He did not take it


What made George fall under the bus on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He wasn't watching where he was going
  • He ran in front of it to get to work
  • He pushed a stranger out of the way who was walking in front of it
  • He was committing suicide


With whom did George have horrible sex with on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • Meredith
  • Izzi
  • Cristina
  • Calle


Where was George's father shot on the hunting trip on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • In the head
  • In the butt
  • In the leg
  • In the arm


Who did George cheat on Calle with on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • Meredith
  • Cristina
  • He did not cheat on Calle
  • Izzi


How did Alex give George V.D. on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He slept with George
  • He slept with the nurse who George slept with
  • A dirty needle
  • He didn't give George V.D.


Why couldn't George remember having sex with Izzi until later in the day on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He was extremely drunk
  • He had taken tranquillizers
  • He fell asleep during sex
  • He thought he dreampt it


How did George communicate with Meredith who he was after being dragged by the bus on "Grey's Anatomy"?

  • He mumbled it
  • He wrote "007" on her hand with his finger
  • He wrote his name on a piece of paper
  • He showed her his tattoo