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Quiz On The Movie "Return Of The Seven"

Here are 8 questions to see how well you know the movie " Return of the Seven". 8 Questions.

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What event were Chris and Vin attending when they were notified of the happenings at the village where they were at years ago in the movie "Return Of The Seven"?

  • Cock fight
  • Bull fight
  • Saloon fight
  • Watching a festival


On the back of the record album, how is Vin's character described for "Return Of The Seven"?

  • A gunslinger today and a gunslinger tomorrow
  • Fights best when the cause is good, and the odds aren't
  • He's taking another chance, against his better judgement
  • He's back with his old gang


Who killed the leader of the bandits in the movie "Return Of The Seven"?

  • Yul Brynner's character
  • Robert Fuller's character
  • Claude Akins' character
  • The leader was not killed


What was the weapon Manuel used at the end of the movie "Return Of The Seven"?

  • Gattling gun
  • Sawn-off shotgun
  • Dynamite
  • Pistol


How many of the seven were left alive at the end of the movie "Return Of The Seven"?

  • Two
  • All of them
  • None of them
  • Same three as the first movie


What was the title changed to for the movie "Return Of The Seven"?

  • "Return Of The Magnificent Seven"
  • "The Seven Are Back"
  • "Seven Again, Magnificent Again"
  • The name was not changed


How many years was the movie "Return Of The Seven" released after the original movie "The Magnificent Seven"?

  • One
  • Three
  • Six
  • Two


What provision did Yul Brynner attach to the contract to do the "Return Of The Seven"?

  • That he have more closeups
  • That he have more lines
  • That Steve McQueen would NOT be in it
  • That it would be a shorter movie