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"Star Trek: The Voyage Home Quiz"

This is a detailed quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about this Star Trek movie 8 Questions.

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What kind of creatures did the Enterprise go back in time to bring back to the present in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Dinosaurs
  • Seals
  • Whales
  • Dolphins


Where did Gillian take Kirk to eat in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Subway Restaurant
  • Hamburger Restaurant
  • Hot dog Restaurant


What music was the teenager playing loudly on the bus in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Classic
  • Popular
  • Country Western
  • Rock and Roll


What secret did Scotty give to Mr. Nichols of Flexicorp on "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Stronger plastic
  • Thinner plastic
  • Bigger plastic
  • Transparent Aluminum


What was the last line of Captain Kirk when they were on the new Starship Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • "Let's go Sulu"
  • "Let's get going Sulu"
  • "Let's see what she's got"
  • "First star to the right, and straight on til morning"


What were the names of the whales on "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Amos and Andy
  • Martin and Lewis
  • George and Gracie
  • Humpty and Dumpy


What was endangering Earth that precipitated Admiral Kirk to travel to the past on "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • A black hole
  • A probe
  • A Klingon warship
  • Orders from Star Fleet commander


What rank was James T. Kirk in "Star Trek: The Voyage Home"?

  • Captain
  • Admiral
  • Admiral and Captain
  • Ensign