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Praggy's Friday Challenge Quiz 187

A few general knowledge questions to challenge the 'Little Grey Cells'. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

On which type of leaf does a Koala feed?

  • Acacia
  • Bamboo
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cabbage

Question 2 Photo

Which UK, ITV drama series came to an end with it's final series episode on 8th November 2015?

  • "Downton Abbey"
  • "Lewis"
  • "Doc Martin"
  • "Grantchester"

Question 3 Photo

Who were the Edelweiss Pirates?

  • A band of Alpine flower thieves
  • An anti-Hitler youth movement
  • A nickname for German U-Boats
  • A notorious rogue band within the Swiss Navy

Question 4 Photo

Which "Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs" single reached No. 2 in the UK charts in 1972?

  • "Ball And Chain"
  • "On A Saturday Night"
  • "She Left; I Died"
  • "Seaside Shuffle"

Question 5 Photo

In elementary physics, what is often said, questionably, to be created when an electron is added to a proton?

  • Neutron
  • Quark
  • Higgs Boson
  • Photon

Question 6 Photo

Hurling, the ancient national game of the Republic of Ireland, combines elements of hockey and which other sport?

  • Cricket
  • Lacrosse
  • Golf
  • Baseball

Question 7 Photo

What is the scientific name for the European Robin?

  • Sturnus vulgaris
  • Turdus ruficollis
  • Dendrocopos major
  • Erithacus rubecula

Question 8 Photo

Who wrote the science fiction novel "Podkayne Of Mars", about a teenager's trip around the solar system?

  • William Gibson
  • Robert A Heinlein
  • Douglas Adams
  • Frank Herbert

Question 9 Photo

Born in 1541, by what name is painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos better known?

  • El Greco
  • Juan Gris
  • Salvador Dali
  • Joan Miro i Ferra

Question 10 Photo

Translating into English as "little tongues", which 'L' is the Italian name for this variety of pasta?

  • Lumache
  • Linguine
  • Lumaconi
  • Lanterne