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The Communist Russia History Quiz #18 - War Communism

The harsh economic policy which led to famine and Lenin to rethink the course of the Soviet Union. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is meant by ''food requisitioning''?

  • Taking grain from the peasants at a fixed rate.
  • Giving the peasants a set amount of grain.
  • Collective or cooperative farming types.
  • Taking businesses out of private hands and placing them under state control.

Question 2 Photo

What is another name for the Supreme Economic Council which had enforced War Communism since June 1918?

  • Gosplan
  • Tambov
  • Veshenka
  • Sovnarkom

Question 3 Photo

Which of these types of peasants were seen as the allies of the urban proletariat?

  • Kronstadt Sailors
  • Kulaks
  • Poor and moderately poor
  • Socialist Revolutionaries

Question 4 Photo

What force had to be used extensively to make sure War Communism would work; as many peasants murdered members of the requisition squads?

  • Cheka
  • Third Section
  • Sovnarkom
  • Triumvirate

Question 5 Photo

What is meant by ''nationalisation''?

  • There was no private trade and all members of society have a share of the State's resources.
  • An extreme measure involving the use of military force.
  • Taking businesses out of private hands and placing them under state control.
  • Dispossessed old elites who had no place in the new Russia.

Question 6 Photo

What was the population of Russia by 1921; the population of Russia stood at 170.9 million in 1913?

  • 145.6 million
  • 172.5 million
  • 130.9 million
  • 186.7 million

Question 7 Photo

In which of Russia's provinces was there a revolt (August 1920 to June 1921) which involved a 70,000 Peasant Army, led by Alexander Antonov against the Red Army?

  • Voronezh
  • Ryazan
  • Tambov
  • Volgograd

Question 8 Photo

After the Kronstadt Rebellion (August 1921) in which the Kronstadt Sailors demanded an end to one-part rule, but where defeated by the Red Army; what did Lenin call the Kronstadt Sailors?

  • White Traitors
  • Barter Traitors
  • Lessons of October
  • Tambov Revolt

Question 9 Photo

What was declared in January 1921; during which some Red Army soldiers refused to take action, and the Cheka had to be used to crush demonstrators?

  • Great Turn
  • Red Terror
  • Martial Law
  • Rations

Question 10 Photo

What new economic policy was announced by Lenin at the Tenth Party Congress in August 1921?

  • New Economic Policy
  • First Five Year Plan
  • Grain Requisitioning
  • State Capitalism