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The Tsarist Russia History Quiz #13 - The February Revolution

The February Revolution was a spontaneous revolution of the masses. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What special event was held in February 23, 1917; in which 240,000 people were out on the streets, this included 90,000 workers from 50 factories which had closed down prior to this event?

  • International Women's Day
  • Abdication of Tsar Nicholas II
  • Mutiny of the Petrograd Garrison
  • Treaty of Brest Litovsk

Question 2 Photo

What is the name of the street in St. Petersburg where most of the 250,000 people crowded; where in February 25, 1917, a band of civilians were killed by armed guards?

  • Kirochnaya Street
  • Ligovsky Avenue
  • Zhukovskogo Street
  • Nevsky Prospekt

Question 3 Photo

How many soldiers mutinied in February 27, 1917; joining the civilians and arming them with 40,000 rifles (these soldiers were originally called to restore order)?

  • 23,000
  • 48,000
  • 52,000
  • 66,000

Question 4 Photo

What is the meaning of the word ''soviet''; the Petrograd Soviet was established in February 27, 1917?

  • A council.
  • A farm.
  • A socialist nation.
  • A derogatory term relating to serfs.

Question 5 Photo

By which of these charters, produced by the Petrograd Soviet, increased the Petrograd Soviet's power to that of the Duma and stated the soldiers' rights?

  • The Communist Manifesto
  • April Theses
  • October Manifesto
  • Order No. 1

Question 6 Photo

When did Tsar Nicholas II abdicate; after which he named Grand Duke Mikhail as his successor, who then refused and thus 304 years of the Romanov Dynasty came to an end?

  • February 26, 1817
  • February 28, 1917
  • March 2, 1917
  • April 18, 1917

Question 7 Photo

Where did both the Provisional Government (which succeeded the Duma) and the Petrograd Soviet have their headquarters in Petrograd (St. Petersburg)?

  • Catherine Palace
  • Mariinsky Palace
  • Tauride Palace
  • Winter Palace

Question 8 Photo

Which political parties held a majority in the Petrograd Soviet after the formation of the body?

  • Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries
  • Bolsheviks and Kadets
  • Populists and Trudoviks
  • Narodniks and Young Russia

Question 9 Photo

Who was a member of both the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet; he acted as the bridge between the two bodies?

  • Mikhail Rodzianko
  • Sergei Witte
  • Alexander Kerensky
  • Lavr Kornilov

Question 10 Photo

What was the term used to describe the alliance between the Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet in governing Russia until a Constituent Assembly was to be elected?

  • Dual Power
  • Zemstvo
  • Russian Congress
  • Recession