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The Tsarist Russia History Quiz #12 - Brink of Revolution

The Tsar's decision to go to war so initially a positive, but the boost in morale was only temporary. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

At the start of World War I, a wave of patriotism swept the Russian Empire - the Germanic ''St. Petersburg'' (the capital city) was renamed to what more Slavonic name?

  • Petrograd
  • Piotrgrod
  • Piotrow
  • Petrovich

Question 2 Photo

In which battle against Germany did the Russian Empire loose 300,000 men, in August 1914; this dampened the spirit of national solidarity - and showed that the war would not end in a quick victory?

  • Battle of Galicia
  • Battle of the Masurian Lakes
  • Battle of Tannenberg
  • Battle of Kolubara

Question 3 Photo

What is meant by ''war credits''; these were voted for by the Duma at the start of the war - the Duma dissolved itself stating it did not want to burden the country with ''unnecessary politics''?

  • Whereby Russia was governed by an alliance.
  • A belief that the Slav races should be united.
  • The raising of taxes and loans to finance war.
  • A cease fire.

Question 4 Photo

In August 1915, some of the deputies from the Fourth Duma organised themselves into the ''Progressive Bloc'' which sought to establish a ''government of public confidence'' - which meant what?

  • Moving into a constitutional monarchy.
  • Establishing a Socialist State run by the proletariat.
  • Allowing the War Industry Committees to take full control of the State.
  • Calling for a reinforcement of the autocratic rule.

Question 5 Photo

What was the relation of Prince Yusupov to Tsar Nicholas II; he organised the murder of Rasputin after inviting him to Yusupov Palace for evening tea in December 17, 1916?

  • Deposed grandfather
  • Uncle
  • Younger brother
  • Nephew by marriage

Question 6 Photo

What was the name of the President of the Fourth Duma; he had also shared great discontent with Rasputin (who influenced Tsarina Alexandra) and appoint and dismiss incompetent ministers?

  • Mikhail Rodzianko
  • Pyotr Stolypin
  • Sergei Muromtsev
  • Vladimir Kokovtsov

Question 7 Photo

Which general led the victorious offensive in June 1916; the Russian Army succeeded destroying Austro-Hungarian armies, but after three months were halted by German reinforcements?

  • Kerensky
  • Trotsky
  • Brusilov
  • Kornilov

Question 8 Photo

How many desertions were there in the Russian Army in 1916?

  • 1.5 million
  • 2.0 million
  • 2.5 million
  • 4.5 million

Question 9 Photo

What percentage have salt prices increased by from pre-war figures?

  • 98 Percent
  • 124 Percent
  • 232 Percent
  • 483 Percent

Question 10 Photo

Which type of industry was most hit during World War I in Russia?

  • Non-military
  • Railways
  • Munitions
  • Iron Works