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Star Trek Quiz

Test your Knowledge of the Star Trek Universe with 20 questions. "Live Long and Prosper". 20 Questions.

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What is the Star Fleet registry of the Enterprise?

  • NCC 1701
  • NCC 7201
  • NCC 2071


Captain James T. Kirk is the Commander of the Enterprise, what does the "T" stand for?

  • Thomas
  • Thaddeus
  • Tiberius


Dr Richard Daystrom is the inventor of which successful Starship computer system?

  • M5 Multitronic Unit
  • Duotronics
  • Isolinear chips


Condition Green when spoken on an open channel is a Starfleet security code meaning what?

  • All systems nominal
  • Alert, dispatch a security detachment
  • The speaker is being held captive, take no action


Why did Nurse Christine Chapel sign on-board the Enterprise?

  • To find her lost fiance
  • To continue her bio-research
  • To find a cure for the Psi2000 virus


The Klingon officer Korax described Kirk as resembling what?

  • An Ardeberran serpent
  • A Denebian slime devil
  • A Horta


Commodore Matt Decker lost one, then nearly two of what?

  • Starbases and personnel
  • Federation colonies
  • Starships and crew


What are the Organians?

  • A primitive people with only basic non-warp technology
  • A highly advanced non-corporeal life form
  • A technologically advanced industrialised life-form


What is a Finagle's Folly, and what or whom is responsible for it?

  • A basic food ration, commonly served on Starbases
  • An alcoholic cocktail, covertly mixed and drank by Starfleet 1st year cadets
  • A potent beverage created by Dr McCoy


In the episode "A Private Little War" what are the Klingons secretly supplying to Tyree's enemies?

  • Flintlocks
  • Crossbows
  • Cannons


Who was the original Captain of the Enterprise and Spock's first commander?

  • Christopher Pike
  • James T Kirk
  • Jonathon Archer


Cyrano Jones sold Lt Uhura what?

  • An elixir to perpetuate beauty
  • A Tribble
  • Prototype communication device


Dr Janice Lester plays what other character in, "Turnabout Intruder"

  • Spock
  • McCoy
  • Kirk


What is Elba II?

  • A plague planet quarantined by the Federation
  • A Federation penal colony
  • A Federation military outpost


Deela, Queen of the Scalosian race is trying to secure what?

  • An abundant source of Dilithium
  • A non-agression treaty with the Federation
  • A supply of fertile males, for procreation


In the episode "The Balance of Terror" what other character does the Commander of the Romulan Bird of Prey play in a latter episode, "Journey to Babel"?

  • Sarek
  • T'Pau
  • Khan


In the episode "Court Martial" what did Benjamin Finney fake?

  • Log entries and main computer records
  • Command protocols and main computer records
  • Main Computer records and his death


In the episode "Assignment Earth" what is Gary Seven also known as?

  • Mr Atoz
  • Supervisor 194
  • The Controller


Who or what is Bela Oxmyx

  • Mobster Boss
  • Starfleet mission specialist
  • Sole inhabitant of Deneb V


In the episode "The Conscience of the King" what is Anton Karidian accused of?

  • Being a Romulan agent, saboteur and assassin
  • Trading Starfleet ship deployment information to the Klingons
  • Being the former Governor of Tarsus IV and mass murderer