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The Tsarist Russia History Quiz #8 - The Era of the Dumas

The October Manifesto was said to have given liberties and free speech - but reality was somewhat different. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

By the October Manifesto, a new constitutional arrangement was drawn up; what was the name for the ''Upper House'' of the Russian Empire?

  • The State Council
  • The State Duma
  • St. Petersburg Soviet
  • Council of Ministers under the Prime Minister

Question 2 Photo

What was the name of the ''Lower Chamber''; in which members were elected under a system of indirect voting by estates - heavily weighted in favour of the nobility and the peasants?

  • The State Council
  • St. Petersburg Soviet
  • The State Duma
  • Council of Ministers under the Prime Minister

Question 3 Photo

Five days before the first Duma met (April 23, 1906), the Tsar issued a series of Fundamental Laws reasserting his autocratic power; which of these did the Tsar not claim a right to?

  • To veto legislation.
  • To rule by decree in emergency or when the Duma was not in session.
  • To appoint and dismiss government ministers and to dissolve the Duma if he wished.
  • The Tsar claimed all of the claims above.

Question 4 Photo

In which year did the Social Democratic Workers' Party split in the Bolsheviks (led by Vladimir Lenin) and the Mensheviks (led by Julius Martov)?

  • 1903
  • 1905
  • 1908
  • 1916

Question 5 Photo

While the Bolsheviks believed in a peasant and proletariat alliance, centralised under party guidance; what did the Mensheviks believe in?

  • Creation of a constitutional monarchy and compulsory redistribution of large privately owned estates.
  • Favoured terrorism to achieve aims.
  • Cooperation with the bourgeoisie and liberals and the use of legal channels of opposition.
  • Nationalisation of non-peasant land and democratic representation.

Question 6 Photo

Which of these political parties or fringe groups in the State Duma had accepted the October Manifesto and opposed further concessions to the workers and the peasants?

  • Trudoviks
  • Progressives
  • Kadets
  • Octobrists

Question 7 Photo

What name was given to the First Duma (May-July 1906); the Duma was boycotted by the Bolsheviks, Social Revolutionaries and the extreme right wing Union of the Russia People?

  • ''Duma of Declining Influence''
  • ''Duma of Lords and Lackeys''
  • ''Duma of National Hopes''
  • ''Duma of National Anger''

Question 8 Photo

Which party in the State Duma was Tsar Nicholas II sympathetic towards, as they continued to believe in the bond which existed between the Tsar and the people?

  • Union of the Russian People
  • Trudoviks
  • Socialist Revolutionaries
  • Kadets

Question 9 Photo

What was the name of the clairvoyant and ''faith healer'' which arose in the Russian Court; his nickname in Russian meaning ''dissolute''?

  • Sergei Witte
  • Grigorii Rasputin
  • Father Gapon
  • Pyotr Stolypin

Question 10 Photo

What was the name of the Tsar Nicholas II's and his wife Tsarina Alexandra's haemophiliac son, who's pain was said to have been reduced by Rasputin - the Tsarina later calling him a ''Man of God''?

  • Aleksei
  • Mikhail
  • Vladimir
  • Sergei