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The Tsarist Russia History Quiz #3 - The Autocracy of Alexander II and Alexander III

With enlightenment came a greater call for change, but that was soon to be put down by repression. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Due to the number of reforms changing Russian society, some people attempted to assassinate the Tsar Alexander II between 1866 and 1880 - how many assassination attempts were there?

  • Five
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Eighteen

Question 2 Photo

In 1881, through the Loris-Melikov Constitution the secret police was abolished and replaced by which special section?

  • Triumvirate
  • Manifesto of Unshakable Autocracy
  • Zemstva
  • Okhrana

Question 3 Photo

When did Tsar Alexander II sign the Loris-Melikov Constitution; as on the same day, the Tsar was killed by a bomb?

  • 7th February, 1881
  • 2nd March, 1881
  • 13th March, 1881
  • 18th March, 1881

Question 4 Photo

Who was the successor of Tsar Alexander II; his reign began with the hanging of the conspirators involved in his father's assassination and the ''Manifesto of Unshakable Autocracy''?

  • Tsar Paul I
  • Tsar Peter III
  • Tsar Nicholas II
  • Tsar Alexander III

Question 5 Photo

The special section of the Tsar's secret police, the Okhrana, had offices in St. Petersburg, Moscow and which other city?

  • Warsaw
  • Kazan
  • Vladivostok
  • Nizhny Novgorod

Question 6 Photo

Which body controlled the education system under Tsar Alexander III; Ivan Delyanov's changes to education included closing universities for women and abolishing separate university courts?

  • Zemstva
  • Land Captains
  • Orthodox Church
  • Okhrana

Question 7 Photo

Due to Russification banning Polish and Belarusian languages to be taught and spoken in public - amongst others what secret Polish underground education network was formed?

  • Flying Literacy
  • Flying Scotsman
  • Flying University
  • Flying Teachers

Question 8 Photo

While Tsar Alexander III's father (Tsar Alexander II) was known as the ''Great Reformer'', what nickname was attributed to Tsar Alexander III?

  • ''Great Reactionary''
  • ''Great Pogrom''
  • ''Great Anti-Semitic''
  • ''Great Chauvinist''

Question 9 Photo

While the Polish, Belarusian and other ethnic groups in the Russian Empire were subject to Russification, which ethnic group was given a more lenient approach?

  • Ukrainians
  • Estonians
  • Finns
  • Mongolians

Question 10 Photo

Although Tsar Alexander III was seen as highly conservative and oppressive, he did not fight in any major wars - by this, what was he styled as?

  • ''The Peacemaker''
  • ''The Indulgent''
  • ''The Benevolent''
  • ''The Righteous''