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The Stuarts History Quiz #8 - The Long Parliament

The Long Parliament acts as the Prelude to the English Civil War. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

When was the Long Parliament first sat; by the Act of Parliament the Parliament did not dissolve itself until 1660 - lasting twenty years?

  • November 3, 1640
  • November 27, 1640
  • December 18, 1640
  • December 28, 1640

Question 2 Photo

The Long Parliament centered around the issue of ''evil councilors'', this included the impeachment and execution of which of King Charles I's advisers by the Bill of Attainder in 1641?

  • Thomas Wentworth
  • John Pym
  • Francis Russell
  • James Graham

Question 3 Photo

During 1641, there was a growth of opposition outside Parliament known as ''what''?

  • The Incident
  • Pym King
  • London Mob
  • Army Plot

Question 4 Photo

Which Member of Parliament emerged as the leading figure in the House of Commons in 1640 and was regarded as the chief opponent of King Charles I?

  • John Pym
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Archibald Campbell
  • William Strode

Question 5 Photo

Which of these petitions was signed by 15,000 Londoners in December 1640?

  • Ten Propositions
  • Grand Remonstrance
  • The Root and Branch Petition
  • Millenary Petition

Question 6 Photo

The Triennial Act, passed on February 15, 1641, abolished ship money without Parliamentary consent; it also stated that King Charles I had to call a Parliament every how many years?

  • Three years
  • Five years
  • Six years
  • Eight years

Question 7 Photo

After Bedford's death in May 1641, and the failure of ''royal appointments'' to solve Parliament's disputes with the Crown, Parliament would split between ''Parliamentarians'' and what over ''party''?

  • Laudians
  • Presbyterians
  • Irish Catholics
  • Royalists

Question 8 Photo

The radicalisation of Parliament seemed to be confirmed by the Ten Propositions (June, 1640); which of these concessions were not included in the document?

  • Parliamentary annexation of all of the Crown Lands.
  • Parliamentary input into who was in the Privy Council.
  • Parliamentary control of those around the Queen.
  • Parliamentary choice of religious education for the royal children.

Question 9 Photo

The Five Members Coup (January, 1642) saw King Charles announcing the impeachment of is key opponents; how many were to be arrested by the monarch's guards?

  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Eight

Question 10 Photo

In August 22, 1642, King Charles I declared war on the Parliament by raising his royal standard in which city; this signaled the start of the English Civil War?

  • Nottingham
  • York
  • Bristol
  • Richmond