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The Stuarts History Quiz #7 - The Personal Rule and the Short Parliament

The Personal Rule and the Short Parliament would be the Prelude to the English Civil War. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The period of the Personal Rule was predominantly caused by the collapse between Crown and Parliament - during which years was the period of Personal Rule under the reign of King Charles I?

  • 1629-1640
  • 1629-1642
  • 1629-1645
  • 1629-1648

Question 2 Photo

Due to the nonavailability of Parliamentary Subsidies, the Crown had to increase its collection of prerogative income - this prerogative income was known as ''what''?

  • Customs Duties
  • Distraint of Income
  • Fiscal Feudalism
  • Multiple-Kingdom Crisis

Question 3 Photo

Due to the loophole in the Monopoly Act of 1624, monopolies could be granted to corporations; this included the monopoly of soap to a group of Catholics; what was the nickname of the soap?

  • Arminian Soap
  • Antichrist Soap
  • Popish Soap
  • Laudian Soap

Question 4 Photo

Ship Money was a prerogative form of income levied in times of emergency to fund the navy, however, between 1634-1639 the tax was enforced in peacetime, and since 1635 was enforced on ''what''?

  • Coastal and inland counties
  • On the clergymen
  • Additional tax on Puritan gentry
  • Merchants

Question 5 Photo

The Scottish Rebellion (1637-1640) turned to an armed conflict between 1639-1640 in a series of wars known as ''what''?

  • Desmond Wars
  • Bishops' Wars
  • Barons' Wars
  • War of Devolution

Question 6 Photo

King Charles I responded to the Bishops' Wars by calling up 15,000 soldiers; however, to buy time the monarch settled for the Truce of Berwick (July, 1639), allowing the Scots to do ''what''?

  • Separating Scotland away from England.
  • Ceding Newcastle to Scotland.
  • Meeting of a General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
  • Plantation of Presbyterians in Ireland.

Question 7 Photo

Due to the failure of the Short Parliament (April-May 1640), King Charles I decided to face the Scots without additional finance from Parliamentary Subsidies; how did the conflict resolve?

  • Irish Catholics supporting the Presbyterian Scots.
  • Scots capturing Newcastle.
  • Invasion of England through Cumbria.
  • English forces controlling Edinburgh.

Question 8 Photo

The English had sought to impose control of Ireland since the twelfth-century; however, what region of Ireland did the English have real control over?

  • The Pale
  • Ulster
  • O'Brien
  • O'Donnell

Question 9 Photo

When Thomas Wentworth, the Lord Deputy of Ireland left for England in October 1639, this prompted the Irish Catholics to act (causing the Irish Rebellion) and killing how many Protestants?

  • 3,000
  • 15,000
  • 48,000
  • 88,000

Question 10 Photo

Where were most of the massacres committed by Irish Catholics towards planted Protestants located in the Irish Rebellion of 1641?

  • Ulster
  • The Pale
  • Dempsey
  • Mayo