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Wotzizname Quiz 04

Pseudonyms, stage names, nicknames, alter egos, pen names etc; Who's who and who are they? 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which is the real name of the famous singer hiding behind the pseudonym 'Ben E. King'?

  • Benjamin Nelson
  • Barry Carter
  • Robert Kinsley
  • Bert Kilcher

Question 2 Photo

Boxer, Rocco Marchegiano, is better known by which pseudonym?

  • Butterbean
  • Rocky Marciano
  • Golden Boy Rocco
  • The Italian Stallion

Question 3 Photo

Which well known 20th-century British author was better known under the pseudonym 'C. S. Forester'?

  • Upton Sinclair
  • Robert Lawson
  • Lytton Strachey
  • Cecil Smith

Question 4 Photo

Assassin, Richard Kuklinski, was better known by which pseudonym?

  • The German
  • Barry The Bear
  • The Iceman
  • El Nino

Question 5 Photo

Who served as both Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq under the pseudonym 'Tariq Aziz'?

  • Muhammad al-Zubaidi
  • Taha Ramadan
  • Michael Yuhanna
  • Nayif Thamir

Question 6 Photo

Which is the pseudonym of Cosmetic Manufacturer, Josephine Mentzer?

  • Rimmel
  • Maybelline
  • Revlon
  • Estee Lauder

Question 7 Photo

Which is the real name of the artist known by the pseudonym 'Donatello'?

  • Stefano Donadoni
  • Domenico Bianchi
  • Lazzaro Donati
  • Donato di Betto Bardi

Question 8 Photo

In literature, by which pseudonym is Sir Percy Blakeney better known?

  • Scarlet Pimpernel
  • Dick Turpin
  • The Man In The Iron Mask
  • William Tell

Question 9 Photo

Which is the real name of the actor better known by the pseudonym 'Dame Anna Neagle'?

  • Clementina Campbell
  • Helen Mitchell
  • Florence Robertson
  • Lilian Marks

Question 10 Photo

What is the pseudonym/alter-ego of Super villain 'Dr. Edward Nigma'?

  • Galactus
  • Riddler
  • Kingpin
  • Brainiac