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Think you know Twilight?

Fan of Twilight? You need to be obsessed to stand a chance! 20 Questions.

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What does Bella say to Edward when he asks her to distract him on the way to the resturant in Pheonix?

  • Put your seatbelt on
  • I love you edward, we are meant to be
  • I'm going to run over Taylor tomorrow, to make us even


How many sons/daughters does Stephanie Meyer have?

  • 3 sons no daughters
  • 3 girls no boys
  • 1 son and 2 daughters


What does Bella order in the resturant in Pheonix?

  • Mushroom Ravioli
  • Coke
  • Lasange


In which book does Bella admit she loves Jacob -- in you know that way?

  • New moon
  • Eclipse
  • Midnight sun


What names do Vladamir and Stephan give Jane and Alec?

  • The witch twins
  • The hypocriticals
  • The death twins


At the back of each book which two companies give praise for Twilght?

  • The Times and Sunday Herald
  • The Daily Mail and the Times
  • Vogue and Sunday Times


Which city is taken over by ravenous vampires?

  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Forks


How many squares are there on Breaking Dawn's cover?

  • 10
  • 8
  • None its a standard chess piece


Why didn't Bella answer Edward when he was asking if she was ok in her 3 days development?

  • She didnt want to make his pain worse
  • She couldn't move anything
  • She didn't want to let on that she had heard his previous conversation


What excuse did Leah give Jacob when Seth was acting like an idiot and happy for Bella to drink blood?

  • He got dropped on his head alot when he was a baby
  • He used to eat crib paint
  • He was born feet first


What did Edward think of Bella's theories?

  • They were very amusing
  • She was way too close to the truth
  • They were very annoying and boring


What was the name of the designer that made Bella's wedding dress?

  • Florine Cashmurea
  • Perrine Bruyere
  • Suada le Blandey


What was Jacob's preface?

  • Life sucks but there are perks
  • Life sucks then you die
  • Life's a bitch the you die- yeah, i should be so lucky


What did Jacob do to the clothes that Esme provided for Leah and him?

  • Give them to charity
  • Leave it under a tree
  • Send it down a river


In the note that Bella writes to Edward in Twilight which sentence does she include?

  • Don't blame Alice and Jasper
  • Alice and Jasper were great dont blame them
  • Dont hunt for me with Alice and Jasper I couldn't bear it


What car did Alice steal on the way to Italy?

  • Yellow Ferrari
  • 911 Turbo
  • Porche


What day did Bella join Forks?

  • January 19th
  • January 18th
  • May 5th


What colour was Jacob's dirt bike?

  • Black
  • Bue and red and an orange flame
  • Red


What the last chapter in Eclipse called?

  • Choice
  • At last
  • Get away before it gets too bad


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