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Arthur Quiz

This quiz is based on "Arthur" 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who is the 3rd grader in Mr Ratburn's class at Lakewood Elementary school in "Arthur"?

  • Arthur Read
  • Anthony Read
  • Alex Read
  • Alf Read

Question 2 Photo

Who is Arthur's youngest sister and Kate's older sister in "Arthur"?

  • Dorothy Read
  • D.W. Read
  • Doris Read
  • Debby Read

Question 3 Photo

Who is the one-year-old infant daughter of David and Jane in "Arthur"?

  • Kelly Read
  • Kenny Read
  • Kerri Read
  • Kate Read

Question 4 Photo

Who are the parents of Arthur, D.W and Kate's in "Arthur"?

  • David Read and Jane Read
  • Dennis Read and Jodie Read
  • Daniel Read and Jenny Read
  • Durby Read and Jade Read

Question 5 Photo

Who is Arthur's best friend in "Arthur"?

  • Brandon Baxter
  • Billy Baxter
  • Ben Baxter
  • Buster Baxter

Question 6 Photo

Who is the richest girl in Elwood City in "Arthur"?

  • Melaine Crosswire
  • Meredith Crosswire
  • Muffy Crosswire
  • Miranda Crosswire

Question 7 Photo

Who is the daughter of Oliver and Laverne in "Arthur"?

  • Flora Frensky
  • Francise Frensky
  • Fliss Frensky
  • Febby Frensky

Question 8 Photo

Who is the 4th grader and lives in Elwood city in "Arthur"?

  • Pure Deegan
  • Phoebe Deegan
  • Penny Deegan
  • Prunella Deegan

Question 9 Photo

Who are the Tibble Twins in "Arthur"?

  • Thomas Tibble and Tiffy Tibble
  • Terry Tibble and Teddy Tibble
  • Tommy Tibble and Timmy Tibble
  • Taylor Tibble and Teday Tibble

Question 10 Photo

Who is a quiet girl and loves poetry and mysteries in "Arthur"?

  • Franky Walters
  • Fern Walters
  • Fribby Walters
  • Franzzy Walters

Question 11 Photo

Which character has a dummy and wooden giraffe named wally in "Arthur"?

  • George Lundgren
  • Grinch Lundgren
  • Griffy Lundgren
  • Granfy Lundgren

Question 12 Photo

Who has curly orange hair worn in pigtails and wears a teal shirt- dress with a cream coloured vest over it and red- and- white sneakers in "Arthur"?

  • Susan Ellen
  • Sue Ellen
  • Sophie Ellen
  • Sandra Ellen

Question 13 Photo

Who is the founder and leader of a club bullies called the Tough Customers "Arthur"?

  • Branky Barnes
  • Bob Barnes
  • Binky Barnes
  • Billy Barnes

Question 14 Photo

Who is the smartest kid in school and wears a grey sweater with Olive green pants in "Arthur"?

  • Alan Powers
  • Alex Powers
  • Anthony Powers
  • Alf Powers

Question 15 Photo

Who is the 3rd grade teacher at Lakewood Elementary School in "Arthur"?

  • Mr.Robinson
  • Mr. Ratburn
  • Mr.Richards
  • Mr.Rickyson