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The Stranglers Music 3 Quiz

Another Stranglers quiz about their music/gigs. 12 Questions.

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In 1978, 'The Stranglers' played an infamous gig that saw strippers walk onto the stage during the song 'Nice n Sleazy:' where was the gig performed?

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  • Alexandra Palace
  • Tyntesfield
  • Hyde Park
  • Battersea Park

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On the right is the cover art for the sleeve of which 'Stranglers' 1981 single (the name of the track has been covered)?

  • 'Who Wants The World?'
  • 'Just Like Nothing On Earth'
  • 'Thrown Away'
  • 'Bear Cage'


Which 'Stranglers' song is being played in the video, from the album 'The Raven?'

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  • 'Duchess'
  • 'Ice'
  • 'Shah Shah A Go Go'
  • 'Longships'


What is unique about the B-side of "The Stranglers'" single 'Nuclear Device,' 'Yellowcake UF6'?

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  • It featured riffs from every 'Stranglers' single released beforehand
  • Sung by the drummer, Jet Black
  • The song was recorded and then played in reverse on the record
  • Only features bass guitar


Which 'Stranglers' song was said by previous lead vocalist, Hugh Cornwell, to be their 'attempt at rap/reggae' and was written in a nightclub?

  • 'Peaches'
  • 'Go Buddy Go'
  • 'Grip'
  • 'Something Better Change'


Under previous lead vocalist Hugh Cornwell, "The Stranglers'" final two UK Top 40 hits were covers songs: 'All Day And All Of The Night" was one, which of the following was the other?

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  • "Love Me Do"
  • "Rasputin"
  • "I Fought The Law"
  • "96 Tears"


The track 'Meninblack' from the album 'The Raven' is actually the soundtrack from which track released on the album 'The Gospel According To The Meninblack' slowed down?

  • 'Two Sunspots'
  • 'Hallow To Our Men'
  • 'Manna Machine'
  • 'Turn The Centuries Turn'


Can you match "The Stranglers''' single to the album on which it initially featured?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • 'No More Heroes'
  • 'The Raven'
  • 'Suite XVI'
  • 'Rattus Norvegicus'


  • 'Something Better Change'
  • 'Peaches'
  • 'Spectre Of Love'
  • 'Duchess'


Which of 'The Stranglers'' albums was the first not to reach the 'UK Official Albums Chart'?

  • 'Stranglers In The Night'
  • 'Written In Red'
  • 'About Time'
  • 'Coup De Grace'


Which was 'The Stranglers'' final UK Top 10 single that was not a cover song?

  • 'Peaches'
  • 'Big Thing Coming'
  • 'European Female'
  • 'Midnight Summer Dream'


Which song from 'The Stranglers'' album 'The Raven' did bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel vow never to play live again, as he was 'embarrassed' by how badly it conveyed its topic?

  • 'Shah Shah A Go Go'
  • 'Don't Bring Harry'
  • 'Genetix'
  • 'Baroque Bordello'


Which was the lowest- charting single released on 'The Stranglers' Greatest Hits 1977-1990' compilation album?

  • 'Big In America'
  • 'No Mercy'
  • 'Walk On By'
  • 'Nice In Nice'