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General Knowledge 6 Quiz

This quiz is based on "General Knowledge 6" 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The Boone and Crockett Club scores and ranks all North American big game animals. What is rather strange and ironic about the top two world record non-typical Whitetail deer?

  • Neither was actually shot by a hunter
  • They were very strong
  • They were taken illegally
  • They had a weapon to attack people

Question 2 Photo

Which ex-National Hockey League player opened a famous line of coffee shops during his career?

  • Tim Richards
  • Tim Watt
  • Tim Horton
  • Tim Hill


A blood alcohol level of 0.08 g/L is considered illegal for driving in most US states and 0.60 g/L is usually considered near fatal. What was the highest blood alcohol level recorded in 2009?

  • 0.91
  • 1.23
  • 0.87
  • 1.25

Question 4 Photo

What does the word winceyette mean?

  • A type of pear
  • A type of drink
  • A piece of paper
  • A soft, cotton fabric

Question 5 Photo

William Addis of England was the first to invent the mass-produced toothbrush. Where was Addis when he came up with his shiny new idea?

  • In jail
  • In dental school
  • In hospital
  • In a police car

Question 6 Photo

I'm sure the 16th US President would have approved: when an American optician decided to pay off the last $620 of his mortgage, which kind of hard cash did he use?

  • Five-cent coins
  • Ten-doller bills
  • Fifty-dollar bills
  • One-cent coins

Question 7 Photo

My birthstone is the sapphire and my flower is the morning glory. Do you know in which month I was born?

  • December
  • November
  • September
  • October

Question 8 Photo

Although Nevada produces a lot of money from its gambling businesses, of what else is it the largest producer in the United States?

  • Gold
  • Marijuana
  • Jewellery
  • Diamond stone

Question 9 Photo

Elsie, Elmer, Beulah, and Beauregard are fictional members of what?

  • The Ovaltine Show
  • A Family Of Bovines
  • A Hero Show
  • The Incrediable Bovines

Question 10 Photo

What is the name of the face used by the humor magazine "MAD" as mascot and icon?

  • Alfred E. Neuman
  • Paul Newman
  • Alfred Tennyson
  • Alfred Nobel