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Bible : Book Of Genesis Quiz

Some medium difficulty questions on the first chapter of the Bible, the book of Genesis. No tap-ins 14 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the Book of Genesis: Adam and Eve's son Cain was exiled, so they had a third son and named him what?

  • Abel
  • Zebbedia
  • Shem
  • Seth

Question 2 Photo

In the book of Genesis: Noah had 3 children, Shem, Ham and who?

  • Japeth
  • Judah
  • Jorah
  • Jacob

Question 3 Photo

What was the name of Noah's Grandfather?

  • Edom
  • Labhan
  • Levi
  • Methuselah

Question 4 Photo

In Genesis: Who did the angels save when God was to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

  • Jacob and his family
  • Lot and his family
  • Abraham and his family
  • Joshua and his family

Question 5 Photo

In Genesis: Abraham has his first child with a slave-girl called Hagar, what is their child called?

  • Ishmael
  • Isaac
  • Ezra
  • Daniel

Question 6 Photo

In Genesis: What is Abraham's second child with his wife Sarah called?

  • Ezra
  • Jacob
  • Moses
  • Isaac

Question 7 Photo

In Genesis: Isaac is old and blind and on his death bed, he sends his elder son to go hunting for him. What is his name?

  • Esau
  • Aaron
  • Hori
  • Caleb

Question 8 Photo

In Genesis: Jacob tricks his father but then whilst in exile he is tricked by his uncle into doing what?

  • Handing over all his possesions
  • Marrying his uncle's two daughters
  • Giving his blessing to his uncle's son
  • Eating from a forbidden tree

Question 9 Photo

In Genesis: Jacob's son Joseph had envious brothers as he is Jacobs favorite, they want to teach him a lesson, what do they do?

  • Feed him to wild animals
  • Chuck him into a well
  • Sell him to a slave trader
  • Rip up his colourful coat

Question 10 Photo

In Genesis: Joseph is sold and taken to Egypt, what skill does Joseph posses that impresses the pharaoh?

  • He can turn sand into gold
  • He can interpret dreams
  • He can perform miracles using his staff
  • He can control the River Nile

Question 11 Photo

In Genesis: What explanation did Joseph give to the Pharaoh concerning his dreams?

  • 7 years of harvest then 7 years of famine
  • Drying up of the Nile in 7 Years
  • He predicts his murder in 7 years
  • He was have an heir to his empire in 7 Years

Question 12 Photo

In Genesis: What position is Joseph given by the Pharaoh after interpreting his dreams?

  • He adopts him as his son
  • He gives him his daughter to marry
  • He is in charge of construction of his temple
  • Governor over Egypt

Question 13 Photo

In Genesis: At what age did Joseph die?

  • 100
  • 110
  • 120
  • 130

Question 14 Photo

In the book of Genesis: On what day did God produce the Land, Seas and all kinds of plants that produce grain and bear fruit?

  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 6th